• When can or should I major in social work?

  • To declare social work as your major, you need to complete and pass SW1101E. Most students declare by the end of Year 1 in order to do their field placement during the summer break before Year 2, assuming completion of other pre-requisite modules before field placement (for more information, see below).

  • What is field placement?

  • Field placement is a core component in social work education wherein students are immersed in direct practice. During their 10-week attachment, students learn to integrate theories with practice, develop their skills, and are better prepared to work in the sector post-graduation.

  • Are there any modules I have to take before going on to do my field placement?

  • Yes. Students are required to complete and pass the following pre-requisite modules before going for field placement:

    First Placement (SW3103A) Second Placement (SW3104)
    SW1101E Social Work: A Heart-Head-Hand Connection SW3103A Social Work Field Practice I
    SW2101 Working with Individuals and families
    SW2104 Human Development Over the Lifespan
    SW2105 Values & Skills for Helping Relationships

  • When should I do field placement?

  • Most people complete their first field placement during the summer break before start of Year 2, and their second one before start of Year 3. However, for those who declare their major in Year 2, you will have to complete your first placement during the summer break before start of Year 3. Note that for those taking the second route and who do not go on to do honours in Year 4, you will have to take a Special Semester after Year 3 to complete your field placement. Please refer to the Field Placement Academic Requirement.

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