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1. Working with Multi-Stressed Families: Quotes and Insights from Student Applications

2. Reimagining Social Work - by Professor Ian Shaw

The increasing prominence of evidence-based practice, the influence of the U.S. on social work scholarship, increasing specialisation, the importance of developing academic credentials, and the growing impact that service users have on social work - these are some current trends seen in the social work field today. In this video, Professor Ian Shaw speaks on the topic of re-imagining social work and how social work could look like in the future, based on the aforementioned trends and developments, bearing in mind that how we re-imagine social work will be significantly shaped by how we view history in general.

About the Speaker:

Professor Ian Shaw is the visiting S R Nathan Professor with the Department of Social Work between 7 June and 6 July 2016. He is also the Professor of Social Work in the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Aalborg University, and Emeritus Professor at the University of York. He was a foundereditor of the journal, Qualitative Social Work. He led the foundation of the European Social Work Research Association and was first Chair until 2015. Professor Shaw has been involved in various studies of practitioner research in social work and health - in Wales, Scotland and most recently in England. References to some of the results of these can be seen on his website at https://www.york.ac.uk/spsw/staff/ian-shaw/.

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