What do social workers do? Where do they work?

As professionals, social workers provide developmental, preventive and remedial intervention utilising social work principles, knowledge, skills and ethics in discharging their responsibilities. This requires that the social worker attains a Degree in Social Work or a Graduate Diploma in Social Work or other accredited Social Work degree qualifications.

Social workers work in a variety of settings, including but not limited to:

  • Addiction / Substance Abuse
  • Child Welfare
  • Clinical / Mental Health
  • Community Work
  • Correctional Institutions / Prisons
  • Family Courts
  • Elderly Care
  • Family Service
  • Industrial Social Work
  • Medical Social Work
  • School Social Work
  • Social Policy
  • Social Work Education
  • Youth Work

For information on general guidelines on the pay scale for a social worker, click here.

Disclaimer: Any information displayed is correct at time of publication. Some information has been adapted from the Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW).

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