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16 November 2015

The Airport and the Territory: Cross Border Flows in the Singapore-Johor-Riau Tri-national Region

9 November 2015

The Future of Urban Studies and Asia's Place in It: A Roundtable Discussion with Professor John Hannigan

15 October 2015

Friendship, Curiosity & the City: Dementia Friends & Memory Walks in Liverpool

18 September 2015

From Kampungs to Condos: Land Transformation and the Changing Social Ecology of Land in Jakarta, Indonesia

16 September 2015

The (Geo)politics of Urban Transformation in Indonesia: An Open Meeting with Professor Eric Sheppard

4 May 2015

03-FLATS Film Screening and Discussion

8 - 9 April 2015

Food and the Global Asian City Conference (Download Workshop Programme)

7 April 2015

Book Launch of Eating Together: Food, Space and Identity in Malaysia and Singapore

13 March 2015

Seminar by Prof. Donald McNeill
The Cultural Economy of Property Development: Figuring "Asian Urbanism" in Central Sydney

11 March 2015

Roundtable Discussion with Prof. Gavin Jones and Prof. Neil Brenner
The "Thoroughgoing Urbanisation of East and Southeast Asia" & "Urban Theory Without an Outside": A Meeting of Regional and Planetary Perspective on Urbanisation.



20 November 2014

Ghosts of the New City: Spirits, Urbanity and the Ruins of Progress in Chiang Mai Seminar by Dr. Andrew Alan Johnson

16 - 17 October 2014

The Quotidian Anthropocene Workshop (program available) by Asia Research Institute

25 August 2014

2014 Cluster Update Newsletter

18 August 2014

Ananya Roy Seminar (full video available)

14 - 15 August 2014

Urban Aspirations Asia: A Graduate Urban Studies Workshop (program available)

19 February 2014

Asian-Australian housing relationships: An international assemblage of economic, technical and cultural practices by Dr Dallas Rogers



13 November 2013

Seminar by Prof Tim Cresswell

4 November 2013

Book launch and seminar by Prof D. Parthasarathy

5 - 6 September 2013
CFP: Workshop on Friendship in the Convivial City, deadline March 1 2013

19 August 2013

Conversations Over Walls: Friendship and Aspiration Amongst Low Wage Migrants in Singapore and Dubai by Dr Laavy Kathiravelu

13 August 2013

Research Collaboration Meeting with Humboldt University

5 August 2013

A Walk in the Park: Singapore’s Green Corridor in Light of Manhattan’s High Line by Prof David Strand

22 - 23 July 2013

Workshop on Geographies of Aspiration: Urban Places, Constitutive Connections and Methodological Innovations, co-organized with cities@manchester, University of Manchester, UK and Asian Urbanisms Cluster, ARI

1 - 2 July 2013

Workshop on Asian Urbanisms in Theory and Practice: The Future of the Vernacular City, co-organized by Urban Knowledge Network Asia, NL

9 May 2013

Narratives of Scale: Desire and Memory in Karachi's Urban Space by Ms Naiza Khan

23 April 2013

The changing practice of recreational running in cities: questioning how exercise comes to happen in particular urban environments by Dr Russell Hitchings

7 February 2013

Dr Jayeeta Sharma: Empire Food to Post-Colonial City: Circulating Foodscapes in London, Toronto, and Singapore

5 - 6 February 2013

"Hacking the City" and "The Future of Things" by Dr Chris Speed

22 January 2013
Seminar entitled 'Singapore: a Rapidly Rising World City in East Asia Specialization Network', by A/P Ma Lili



Research Clusters Spring Newsletter 2012

5 - 6 December 2012

"The housing problem and rise of the social housing movement in Taiwan" by A/P Huang Liling at FASS (6th) and "Regenerating the inner city through socially inclusive planning in Wanhwa, Taipei" at ARI (5th)

19 October 2012

Workshop on Visualizing the City, by the Future Cities Lab

2 October 2012

Seminar entitled "Labour and the Social Production of Urban Built Spaces in Delhi" by Dr T.G. Suresh

Research Clusters Fall Newsletter 2012

5 September 2012

Research Collaboration Discussion with Prof Richard T Legates

2 July 2012

'How Much Can You Prepare for a Disaster?: Lessons from Fukushima' Talk by Susumu Tanaka, NEC's Chief Manager

9 April - 15 September 2012

Call for Papers: "Sustainable Cities", Annual Conference for the Consortium of African and Asian Studies (CAAS), 28-30 January 2013, NUS

3 April 2012

Seminar entitled "After the 1997 Financial Crisis: The Behavior and Implications of a New Cohort of Street Vendors"by Dr Chuthatip Maneepong

23 March 2012

Talk by Ms Annie Koo, Fulbright Fellow, on 'Comparing the Singaporean and American Dreams: Cultural Constructs of Housing'

29 February 2012

Seminar on 'Development of the Arts Institution in Singapore as a Global Creative City' by Dr Kenichi Kawasaki

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Year 2009

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