20 Majors

We know you're concerned about the rumoured difficulty of securing your major at FASS. Worry no more: FASS now allows freshmen to indicate their preference of majors before the semester begins. What remains unchanged is the flexibility of the FASS curriculum, so you needn't worry about changing your mind later on.

Choosing Your Major at FASS

With the guaranteed major scheme*, you get to choose your major before the semester begins! Do check your emails periodically for a link to the portal that will allow you to indicate your preferred major(s). Subsequently, we'll pre-allocate the major's exposure (introductory) module for you to take in your first semester.

No worries if you haven't made up your mind the flexibility of the FASS curriculum allows you change your major later in your candidature, or you may choose to not participate in this exercise, and only declare your major later.

* Entry requirements for specific majors apply. Prospective students who would like to major in Psychology at NUS have to meet the pre-requisites for Psychology and obtain a grade of B- or better for the PL1101E module and a grade of B- or better for the PL2131 module. Admission requirements for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) may be found HERE.  The complete list of subject prerequisites may be found HERE.

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