Minor Programmes

Minors allow you to develop specialised knowledge outside of your major, and are less taxing than double majors in terms of workload requirements. Minors are offered by FASS as well as other Faculties, and students may apply for the following structured major-minor programmes at the point of admission to NUS.

FASS MajorMinor (Other Faculties)Module Pre-allocationAdmission Requirements
Communications and New MediaManagementSemester 1: NM1101E and MKT1705XH1 pass or equivalent in Mathematics
EconomicsReal EstateSemester 1: EC1101EH1 pass or equivalent in Chemistry or Mathematics or Physics
EconomicsBusiness AnalyticsSemester 1: EC1101EH2 pass or equivalent in Mathematics
EconomicsInformation SystemsSemester 1: EC1101EH2 pass or equivalent in Computing or Mathematics or Physics
PsychologyManagementSemester 1: PL1101E, PL2131; Semester 2: MKT1705XH1 pass or equivalent in Mathematics

Multidisciplinary Minors

FASS offers both Subject Minors and Multidisciplinary Minors that you may apply for later in your candidature. While Subject Minors (e.g. Psychology, History, Philosophy etc.) examine multiple topics from the viewpoint of a single discipline, Multidisciplinary Minors (e.g. Gender Studies, Art History, Film Studies etc.) involve a curation of modules that examine a specific topic from the perspectives of varied disciplines.