What it Entails

Designed to enhance the employability of our graduates, the FASS 2.0 Industry Tracks programme gives students pathways to five major industry sectors. Each track consists of a curated list of FASS majors, hard skills modules and industry-relevant training needed to optimize their career fit with the defined sector. It includes:

  • Cross-discipline 'hard skill' modules instruction
  • Focused industry seminars
  • Active internships in industry of choice
  • Mentoring by industry leaders and professionals



The programme is applicable to students matriculated in AY2019/2020 onwards and are pursuing one of the following degrees:

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours)
Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Honours)
(Environmental Geography specialisation)

Hard Skills Modules

Each industry track is characterised by the hard skills clusters an individual should possess to align closely to the industry. The faculty has consulted the different departments and stakeholders to establish what these hard skills clusters are, and to identify which modules could impart these skills to the students.

These curated hard skills modules span across the different majors which students could choose from to read and fulfill their major or degree requirements while working towards an industry track of their choice.

To fulfill the industry track requirements, students will read 8 MCs worth of modules - at least 2 modules relating to 2 different hard skills clusters of the targeted industry track.

Hard Skills Clusters

Hard Skill Modules for Each Track

Note: The curated list of hard skills modules will be updated regularly where appropriate.

FASS Industry Seminar (FAS3550)

Designed by CFG in consultation with FASS, this module introduces FASS students to the latest industry trends and emerging growth sectors. They will learn from industry experts and gain deeper knowledge about the various industries and career opportunities, including alternative options beyond the usual and traditional employers, to enhance students' employability.

The seminar comprises of CEO leadership dialogue, panel discussion as well as roundtable forum with industry practitioners. There will also be company visits, for students to gain a deeper insight on how firms operate.

To fulfill the industry track requirements, students can register for the module worth 2 MCs, after fulfilling Career Catalyst.

FASS Internship Programme

The FASS Internship Programme offers students the opportunity to gain valuable and industry-relevant experience, apart from earning modular credits. It also serves as an important channel for employers to source for early talents, where outstanding interns could be offered a full-time job upon graduation. 

Students can look forward to attending career preparation workshops, internship briefing and seniors' sharing session conducted every semester, to help them prepare for their internship search. 

To fulfill the industry track requirements, students have to source and complete a track-specific internship through an internship module that is worth 4 MCs.

More About FASS Internship Programme

Capstone Career Preparation (FAS3551)


To be launched in AY2020/21, the module complements the existing FASS Mentorship Programmewhere we connect undergraduates with experienced FASS alumni in the targeted track. The alumni will serve as mentors to our students by providing insights on specific career sectors, helping them to expand their professional network, and guiding them to chart their career path ahead.

Worth 2 MCs, students can register for the module after fulfilling the pre-requisites. Mentors will guide the mentees to complete specific performance tasks for assessment purpose.

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Fulfillment of Requirements

Upon fulfilling all the requirements, please complete and submit this online form, at least one semester before graduation, in order to receive the track-specific certification.