Welcome to FASS Freshmen e-Orientation 2020!

FASS e-Talks

Ready to begin your journey with FASS and explore our curriculum? Looking to register for modules of your interest? Watch the FASS Orientation e-Talks to discover what you can expect for the next few years of your university life. The General Talks introduce you to the Faculty and University, while Department talks offer a glimpse of our subject disciplines.


Mark your calendars for 21 & 22 July 2020. You will surely have questions and these 2 days are the best time to have your questions about our curriculum and 20 Majors answered. 

FASS e-Orientation Resources

Need a recap on what was covered at the e-Talks? We've got your back - presentation slides, frequently asked questions and sample study plans are available in our Resources section.

Important and Useful Information for Freshmen

List of Important events, Academic Calendar 2020/2021, Module Registration Schedule, Student Portal, e-Learning & e-Assessments etc.