Mohamed Ridzuan


Why study Geography?
Geography in university is vastly broader than what we are exposed to in secondary school and JC. In general, we are exposed to contents about environment, society, culture, politics and economics. You will be surprised to hear that we have modules on petroleum exploration, transportation and even gender issues. Apart from this, we are introduced to technical software through modules relating to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which helps us in our research and data processing. Additionally, NUS Geography gives each student flexibility and allows them to focus more on their interests, not just in class but also out in the field with various field opportunities.

It is a faculty that allows you to explore topics outside of your field that are still relevant, and certainly what you are interested in. There have been countless times where I found myself being able to relate content and examples across modules from the various other departments in FASS.

What were some of your concerns about coming to FASS?
Given the numerous departments in FASS, I was afraid of being short-changed in terms of the quality of lessons and professors. However, this concern turned out to be unwarranted, when I found that the faculty counts among its teaching staff numerous professors who are well-established in their respective fields.

Was Geography your intended major when you came to FASS?
Geography had always been my top interest. In fact, it was my intended major even before I entered university. However, I do know of friends who were not too sure of which major they wanted to pursue and found the Grade-Free Year 1 period extremely helpful for them to explore various options and find their interest.

What has been your biggest takeaway from class so far?
The world is never what it seems. There have been countless times I have left my classes with new perspectives on familiar issues, and appreciating that there are always new nuances to learn about.

What do you intend to do after graduation?
I intend to join the education sector as a teacher. I hope to inculcate the lessons I have learnt from NUS Geography and FASS in my students and change their perceptions of the arts and social sciences.

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