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I enjoyed my time tremendously in NUS FASS and NUS linguistics, and found the experience to be immensely fulfilling and enriching —intellectually challenging and very stimulating, yet lively, invigorating and at a comfortable and suitable pace, with tutors and friends who were not only friendly, approachable and sincere, but also critical, rigorous and uncompromising in ensuring a holistic education for me at FASS.

Kevin Martens Wong, Class of 2017
Linguistics Major


My education at FASS has been exciting and fulfilling. FASS’ interdisciplinary philosophy means that even as a political science major, I do not study issues in isolation, but can draw on knowledge from various other disciplines. This is crucial in gaining a better understanding of the world’s issues today. The professors here value student learning and development, and try their best to help us succeed, both in school and in our future careers.

Lim Mingxun
Political Science Major


“While I enrolled in FASS for its reputable Psychology programme, the education that I received was a multidisciplinary one. The flexibility of the curriculum allows me to explore interests outside of my major, such as Film Art, Geopolitics, Philosophy, and even Spanish! I also spent a semester at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, which was incredibly fulfilling and eye-opening. As our world prepares for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is entirely the insights into humanity from the different lenses of the humanities and social sciences that are especially grounding and important today.”

Delia Poh Xue Qi
Psychology Major

  • What excites me the most throughout my 4 years in FASS is the holistic curriculum that the faculty has to offer. I was exposed to a wide range of subjects from different departments such as humanities, social sciences and even language studies. These modules broadened my horizon and cultivated my interests in different fields of studies. Moreover, I am able to meet and work together with many like-minded individuals who share the same passion as I do.

    My four years of economics education at FASS has been truly fulling and rewarding. To me, being able to see things from an Economist’s perspective is a real privilege. I have benefited tremendously from the rigorous training in analytical skills. The Economics department is characterized by amazing lecturers, tutors and peers. In fact, one of my best takeaways from NUS is meeting some of my econs peers who are now my best friends.

    Last year, I was given the precious opportunity to participate in the NUS Overseas College (NOC) programme where I joined a start-up company in Stockholm, Sweden for 11 months. The NOC curriculum is designed to enrich students’ understanding in entrepreneurship and it has been truly eye-opening for me; I was exposed to the vibrant start-up scene in Europe and also the innovative business culture in Sweden.

    Looking back, choosing FASS has indeed been one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far.

    Economics Major, with Minors in Statistics and Entrepreneurship
    Participated in NUS Overseas College (NOC) Stockholm

  • This is what FASS has given me: like-minded individuals that have evolved to become lifelong friends, an educational experience that has equipped me to be a critical thinker, and a vibrant and safe space to both develop as an individual and broaden my understanding of the world.

    The student life in NUS is incredibly vibrant and this is something that I only began to truly appreciate over the course of my exchange semester away from home. FASS as an entity embodies this vibrancy: there is always an event or fair at the Central Forum, there are always people around going to and from classes, there are so many friends to make, so many things to do, so many opportunities to take hold of – all contained within the bustling space of the faculty buildings.

    A lot of my time at university has been centred on extra-curricular activities and residential life, but FASS has played an integral role in creating a holistic university experience for me by providing opportunities for an enriching academic experience. Alongside my core modules from the English Literature department, the flexibility of FASS’ structure has given me the privilege of gaining a rich breadth of exposure to various disciplines that fall within my interests, ranging from philosophy to political science, history, film studies, and South Asian studies. I have also had the privilege of meeting dedicated professors who are interested in their students’ development, engaging us both inside and outside the classroom.

    English Language Major
    Participated in a Student Exchange Programme to
    the University Of Liverpool

  • I am most thankful for my academic journey as a Global Studies major and a University Scholars’ Program (USP) student.  Beyond inspiring curiosity and stimulating intellectual rigor, these programs have been instrumental in strengthening my critical-thinking and analytical skills, further enabling me to excel beyond my academic pursuits. 

    In 2016, I embarked on a one-year-long NUS Overseas College (NOC) program to Silicon Valley. During my stint in the US, I enrolled in graduate entrepreneurship courses at Stanford University, while working full time at a startup (6 months) and venture capital firm (5 months). The experience was beyond eye-opening as it allowed me to witness the application of my academic skills. For instance, my quick-learning and critical thinking skills enabled me to adapt and perform at the highest level amidst a fast-paced and highly diverse global community.  

    Prior to my NOC experience, I was also able to capitalize on opportunities to explore my passion for non-profit leadership service. In summer 2014, I interned in Tokyo with Japan’s largest NGO, Ashinaga to devise global fundraising strategies. In summer 2015, I interned in Uganda for 2 months to tutor and mentor scholars from 49 sub-Saharan African countries, with the goal of enrolling them into reputable universities worldwide. Through these experiences, I was able to explore the depths of my love for community service, while being surrounded by inspiring world leaders who I could actively learn from. 

    As such, my NUS journey has been nothing short of transformative, thrilling and meaningful. 

    Participated in NUS Overseas College Silicon Valley

  • There are just too many things to love about FASS. I enrolled in FASS because of the wide variety of disciplines available for one to choose from. Many of the classes are well-structured and encourage students to utilize critical thinking and open discussions rather than just rote memorization and regurgitation.

    In FASS, I have had the chance to take a diverse range of modules such as Public Speaking, Cultural Studies and Medical Sociology which allowed me to broaden my perspectives and deepen my interests in the fields I would love to pursue.

    Besides the enriching academic culture, I am grateful for the various opportunities that FASS have rendered me since I was admitted. From being a Frisbee Captain at Arts Open to participating in my first ever fashion show (Catwalk-on-the-Green) and to experience a semester abroad (SEP), FASS has inspired me time and time again to step out of my comfort zone and has mould me into a more confident and resilient person.

    Of course, my life in FASS will never be complete without mentioning two other things – awesome friends and good food!

    One of the greatest take-away for me from FASS is probably the strong social support system and the network of like-minded friends and people!

    BONUS: You will probably find the best Laksa Yong Tau Foo at FASS Deck too!

    Sociology Major
    Participated In A Student Exchange Programme to the University Of Toronto