News and Archives

22-23 February 2007
Comparative Workshop on Low Fertility

2 March 2007
Health Cluster Meeting

7-8 December 2007
Perspectives on Clinical Neuropsychology

25 January 2008
Perspectives on Judgement and Decision Making: From Problem Gambling to Neuroeconomics

1 February 2008
Understanding and Meeting the Needs of the Older Population: A Global Challenge

6 March 2008
Health Communications in a Global Context: Current Trends and Future Directions

12-13 June 2008
Social and Health Challenges of Population Ageing

September -- November 2008
Graduate Student Forums

10 September 2008
First Graduate Student Forum

21 October 2008
Second Graduate Student Forum

21 October 2008
Third Graduate Student Forum

27 November 2008
Private health insurance in Australia: the effectiveness of private insurance as a public policy tool

15 December 2008
Seminar- International Recruitment of Health Professionals to the UK: Will New Europe Replace the Old Empire? by Prof James Buchan

16 January 2009
Briefing on the Family Research and the Family Research Network (FRN)

20 February 2009
Measuring participation as communicative action: A case study of citizens' involvement in and assessment of smoking cessation policy-making process in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

23 March 2009
Narratives of Young Nepalese Women: Understanding Social & Cultrual Meanings of Reproductive Health

29 May 2009
Symposium on Health Care Challenges for An Ageing Population: Managing Health Care and end of Life Decisions in Singapore

24 August 2009
Briefing on the Family Research Fund (FRF) and the Family Research Network (FRN)

1 September 2009
Launch of the Tsao Foundation Ageing Research Initiative

10 November 2009
Health Cluster Talk: Who cares for the Caregivers- Review of stroke caregivers' health and needs

23 February 2010
Gender Disparity in Child Health in India: Does Place Matter?

26 February 2010
Long Term Care Need and Long Term Care (Insurance) Policy in Germany- A Survey

5 March 2010
ymposium on Critical Issues in Elderly Health

26-29 April 2010
4th ICIP Conference

11 February 2011
Impact of Tele-health and the Transition to Digital Work Environments.

11 March 2011
Life-Cycle, Livelihoods and Parasites: Human, Environment, and Health Dynamics of Opisthorchis viverrini in the Mekong Region

11 April 2011
The Golden Years: Dealing with Life Transition

28 June 2011
Global Aging: How the Graying of the World's Population Changes How People, Money and Goods Move around the World by Mr Ted C. Fishman

29 June 2011
Gray New World: How the Aging of the World's Population Changes You, Your Family, Your Work and the World by Mr Ted C. Fishman

8 August 2011
Conference: Symposium on Health Econometrics and Quantitative Health Research

11 October 2011
Volunteerism in Later Life

9 February 2012
Migrant Female Sex Workers in Hong Kong; Health Risk and Vulnerability: A Decade of Qualitative Research

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