Core Modules

Candidates must complete the following
3 core modules as part of modular requirements:


CAS 5101: Theorizing from Asia
This course provides students with a critical understanding of the debates among social scientists in Asia surrounding efforts to generate theories and concepts that not only reflect Asian empirical realities and concerns but are also rooted in Asian philosophical traditions as well as everyday life. The module begins with an overview of the variety of critiques of the social sciences that have emanated from Asia. The rest of the module discusses Asian attempts to develop what has come to be known as indigenous, alternative social sciences or autonomous traditions in the social sciences.


CAS 6101: Asian Studies in Asia
Doing Asian Studies in Asia speaks directly to a call for inter‐Asia referencing as a means to decentre Euro‐American knowledge foundations in the human sciences. This module examines how inter-referencing within Asia can be used as a method to rethink and generate regionally relevant epistemologies which can lay grounds for alternative thinking from and about Asia. The potential of inter‐Asia referencing as a method to decentre knowledge production will be explored in the light of interconnections as well as distinctions in the history and politics of disciplinary, theoretical, and methodological practices of doing Asian Studies in both Euro‐American and Asian academic settings


CAS 6770: Graduate Research Seminar
This is a required module for all Comparative Asian Studies Ph.D. students. The module provides a forum for students and faculty to share their research and to engage one another critically in discussion of their current research projects. The module will include presentations by faculty on research ethics and dissertation writing. Each student is required to present a formal research paper. Active participation in all research presentations is expected. Students will be trained in research methodology, particularly in comparative area studies in Asia. They will learn to define research projects and critically discuss these projects with their peers. They will engage with the existing scholarship in the areas of their respective research interests.

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