Prof Prasenjit Duara

Oscar L. Tang Family Professor of East Asian Studies, Duke University

B.A. (Delhi), M.A.(Delhi), Ph.D. (Harvard)


Prasenjit Duara is the Oscar Tang Chair of East Asian Studies at Duke University.

Prasenjit Duara is a historian of China and more broadly of Asia in the twentieth century. He also writes on historical thought and historiography. Duara was Professor and  Chairman of the History department at the University of Chicago (1991-2008). Subsequently, he came to the National University of Singapore where he was the Raffles Professor of Humanities and Director of the Asia Research Institute (2008-2015).


Research Interests/Publications:

Among his books are Rescuing History from the Nation (1995), Sovereignty and Authenticity: Manchukuo and the East Asian Modern (2003), an edited volume on Decolonization (Routledge, 2004), and Culture, Power and the State: Rural North China, 1900-1942 (1988), which won the Fairbank Prize of the AHA and the Levenson Prize of the AAS. In 2009 he published a collection of his essays, The Global and the Regional in China’s Nation-Formation, (Routledge). Duara’s essay, “Asia Redux: Conceptualizing a Region for our Times” (JAS 2010) may be accessed at His work has been widely translated into Chinese, Japanese and Korean. 


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