Assoc Prof Sidharthan Maunaguru

South Asian Studies Programme

B.A. (Hons) (Univ of Peradeniya), M.A., Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins)
Tel: (65) 6516-7776
Office: AS8 06-42


After his undergraduate studies in Sociology in Sri Lanka, Dr Sidharthan Maunaguru joined Johns Hopkins University to pursue his postgraduate studies in cultural anthropology and was awarded a PhD in 2011. He conducted two years of fieldwork on Sri Lankan transnational Tamil marriages. This research has been published as a book, titled Marrying for a Future: Sri Lankan Transnational Tamil Marriages in the Shadow of War, in 2019 with University of Washington Press (Global South Asia Series). This book deals with temporalities, documents, laws, kinship and political violence. Dr Maunaguru taught at University of Peradeniya and Johns Hopkins University. He was awarded a Newton Fellowship by British Academia and Royal Society held at University of Edinburgh before he joined NUS in July 2013.


Research Interests/Publications:

His research focuses on three main areas in the discipline of anthropology: anthropology of marriage, migration and political violence; anthropology of politics and religion; and anthropology of politics, ethics and conscience. His work is grounded in the South Asian region but has also taken him beyond these areas. His anthropological research includes multi-sited fieldwork and intersects with the disciplines of anthropology, history and philosophy. Dr Maunaguru has sought to bring together questions of marriage, migration, political violence, politics, law, sovereignty, and conscience so as to trace the ways in which larger concepts and meanings are braided together and are worked out in the everyday life of Tamils in Sri Lanka and in the diaspora.


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