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Asian Population Association and NUS CFPR are hosting 3 webinars on 9 July, 23 July and 6 August 2020, 4.00pm to 5.30pm (SGT).The COVID-19 pandemic has exerted unprecedented pressure on many institutions including the health care systems, schools, government, markets, and law. Family, as the basic socioeconomic unit of the society, bears the brunt of the multiple stressors caused by the disruptions to these institutions. The webinars will explore the impact of COVID-19 on families in Asia-Pacific region focusing on the vulnerabilities of women, children, and older adults as they experience morbidity, mortality, migration, economic recession, and school closure.


December 2021
The 2nd International Conference and Training Workshop on Household and Living Arrangement Projections for Informed Decision-Making Conference will be held in December 2021. More info on the conference will be available from mid-2021 onwards.



(organized by the Asia Research Institute's Changing Family Cluster)


(co-organised by Yale-NUS College, Yale University and the University of Cambridge)


17-19 May 2018: International Sociological Association (ISA) Joint Conference for ISA RC06 (Family) & RC41 (Population)
(co-organized with Global Asia Institute and Department of Sociology; sponsored by OUE Limited and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

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26-28 May 2016: International Sociological Association (ISA) RC28 Conference on Social Stratification and Mobility
(co-organized with the NTU School of Humanities and Social Sciences; co-sponsored by Global Asia Institute, Department of Sociology, Asia Research Institute and SMU School of Social Sciences)


1-2 March 2016: Long-Term Care for Elderly in ASEAN Plus 3: Research and Policy Challenges
(joint with the Asia Research Institute)


28 April 2015: Official Launch and Conference on Singapore Families and Population Dynamics
(supported by the Singapore Research Nexus, Asia Research Institute and NUS Department of Sociology)


4-5 February 2015: Educational Resilience among Asian Children in Challenging Family Environment
(jointly organized with the Asia Research Institute)


1-2 July 2014: Growing Up in One-parent Family in Asia
(Jointly-organised with Asia Research Institute)


5-6 December 2013: Living Alone: One-person Household in Asia


21 December 2012: Roundtable on Children’s Agency in Various contexts: Family, Health, Social Services and on the Streets


15-16 November 2012: Conference on Marriage in Asia: Trends, Determinants and Implications


11-13 July 2012: 3rd International Conference of Geographies of Children, Young People and Families (CGCYPF)
(Joint with Department of Geography)


21-22 July 2011: Transitioning to Adulthood: Marriage, Fertility, and Labour Force Participation



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