Department of Chinese Studies 中文系

“Student for a Day” Classroom Experience Programme

身临其境 - 国大中文系课堂体验计划

The “Student for a Day” programme is part of the department’s outreach initiative to introduce Chinese Studies and the Faculty of the Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) to pre-university students. During the visit, students will join other NUS undergraduates in an actual class conducted by our academic staff. There will be a line-up of lectures and seminars on interesting topics for students to choose from. For students who are interested in studying Chinese Studies and humanities in NUS, this is indeed a wonderful opportunity to hear it ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’.

Students who are interested in participating may contact your school's Chinese language teachers for more information. Teachers will be informed of the programme lineup prior to the beginning of each semester, and will assist with collating the names and information of interested students from their respective schools.

In 2019/2020 Semester 1, students were able to attend lectures from the following modules:

  • CL1101E: Chinese Language: Its Past and Present 汉语:过去的历史和现在的变异
  • CL2280: Basic Translation 基础翻译
  • CH2221: Modern Chinese Literature 中国现代文学
  • CH2275: Chinese Pop Music in East Asia 东亚地区的中文流行歌曲

Briefing Slides (August 2019)

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