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The Department has several traineeships that are currently open for application under the NUS Resilience and Growth Initiative. Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who are from the Graduating Classes of 2019 or 2020 may apply. More information on the initiative can be found here:

1. Teaching Apprentice (9 month contract) (2 positions available)

The Department of Chinese Studies (CHS) has been rolling out large GE modules over the past few years to cater to the needs of non-major students who are interested in Chinese language and culture. These courses are well-subscribed. The larger ones constantly attract 300-400 students, and the numbers are growing. In anticipation of a full semester of e-learning in AY2021/21 semester 1, FASS is exploring reducing the class size of each tutorial section from 25 to 15 to achieve better learning outcome. This would require the departments to offer more tutorial sessions and to rework the current modules for effective online teaching. CHS is therefore looking to hire two teaching apprentices to: 1) facilitate tutorial discussions; and 2) assist in the conversion of regular modules to online mode.

As CHS is also currently working towards offering CET courses related to pre-school education this year, a third teaching apprentice would be deployed to assist the director in designing specific courses for online learning.

2. Research Apprentice (12 month contract)

As part of the Singapore Historical GIS (SHGIS) and the Singapore Biographical Database (SBDB) research initiatives the Department of Chinese Studies is recruiting two students to assist with the collection of data on Chinese institutions (temples, huiguan, schools, opera troupes, etc.) in Singapore and the preparation of research reports. The SHGIS and SBDB are online collaborative research platforms for the study of the historical development of Singaporean social and cultural institutions. Please see for more information on the range of data currently available on these sites. Professor Kenneth Dean, Head, Chinese Studies Department, is the PI for these research projects. He will serve as the mentor for Research Apprentices joining this initiative.

The student is expected to have reading knowledge of classical Chinese and a sincere academic interest in Singapore Studies. Knowledge of more than one Asian language and previous experience with archival research, computer skills including GIS, or social media analysis would be advantageous.

The student is expected to work closely with research team members, conduct digital archival research and digital ethnography, engage in literature surveys on relevant topics, and assist in the ongoing development of the research project.

3. Research Apprentice (12 month contract)

This position reports to the assigned mentor, A/P Lam Lap, who is conducting research about classical poetry in Singapore, editing a local periodical and operating a website. Trainee should be able to read traditional Chinese characters and classical texts, with some knowledge about Singapore’s history and culture.

The trainee will have the following responsibilities:

  • Collecting and editing materials gathered from print and digital resources, libraries, media and Singapore community
  • Communication with external institutions and organizations
  • Organize poetry activities, public talks and exhibition
  • Help edit poetry periodical and typesetting
  • Website design, maintenance and management

4. Research Apprentice (12 month contract)

The trainee will work with the PI, Dr Liu Chen, and construct the Database of Chinese Epistolary Literature (DCEL), a relational database that allows the user to search the contents of classical Chinese letters, build the social network of letter writers and addressees as well as visualize the search results.

The trainee will have the following responsibilities:

  • Assist the PI to find suitable digital tools to develop DCEL
  • Extract relevant information from letter files
  • Design and develop DCEL
  • Design a user-interface to search within the database and visualize the result

5. Executive & Professional (E&P) Trainee (9 month contract)

The Department of Chinese Studies and the Department of Japanese Studies (JS) are recruiting an executive & professional trainee to assist with the activities of the Wan Boo Sow Research Centre for Chinese Culture (WBSRC), to assist with new JS initiatives such as setting up new CET modules with SCALE, work on joint PhD program, work on publicity and increase media presence of the Department of Japanese Studies.

The trainee is expected to work with various stakeholders to assist with the various activities of the WBSRC, including but not limited to rescheduling and coordination of research seminars and public lectures, planning for the inaugural summer camp scheduled for 2021, and developing the Centre's website. The trainee is also expected to assist with the various JS initiatives mentioned above and develop the JS website. The trainee reports to the administrative lead of the Department of Chinese Studies & the Department of Japanese Studies.

All applications must be done via the NUS TalentConnect Portal ( After entering the portal, search for "Chinese Studies" and you will be able to view the trainee positions available. Thank you.


Regarding faculty positions, the department is currently not hiring directly. However, outstanding candidates may apply directly to the University under the Presidential Young Professorship scheme. Interested applicants are welcome to send their CVs and other supporting documents to, or contact them for more information at the same email. Thank you.

For more information, please refer to these websites:
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