Department of Chinese Studies 中文系

Chinese Linguistics Research Group


Chinese language and linguistics is one of the two majors at the Department of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore (NUS). In order to broaden our staff’s research interests and train our MA and Ph.D students, we have established the “NUS Linguistics Research Group” in order to further intellectual exchange and share resources. The topics we intend to address in the “Linguistics Group” include (but are not limited to): cognitive linguistics, grammaticalization, lexical semantics, pragmatics, morphology, phonology, typology, and corpus linguistics. By increasing research collaborations and providing a forum for scholarly exchange, we hope to facilitate the development of innovative ideas, improve the quality of our research, and raise our department’s reputation in international academic circles.

We hold a linguistics colloquium regularly. Our activities cover:

  1. talks on the current research of our staff and graduate students
  2. talks given or to be given at academic conferences
  3. talks which review the most recent linguistic literature
  4. talks by invited speakers from other domestic or foreign universities

Research Areas

Every aspect of the Chinese language and linguistics in general.


Core Members:

Name 姓名
A/P SHI Yuzhi 石毓智副教授 (organizer)
A/P PENG Rui 彭睿副教授
A/P LEE Cher Leng 李子玲副教授
A/P PHUA Chiew Pheng 潘秋平副教授
A/P THAM Shiao Wei 谭晓薇副教授
Dr. SHEN Ruiqing 沈瑞清助理教授


Name 姓名
A/P LO Yuet Keung 劳悦强副教授
Dr. HO Chee Lick 何自力博士
Dr. CHEN Yi-Chiao 陈枻樵助理教授

Friends of the research group:

Prof BAO Zhiming (English Dept) 包智明教授 (英文系)

Graduate students:

All graduate students who major in Chinese language and linguistics

Events and Activities

Date Event Speaker
22 November 2019 虚词性跨层结构的黏合化
段莎丽 (国大中文系研究生)
13 August 2019 汉语中的纵横贯通现象及在研究中的应用 匡鹏飞教授 (华中师范大学语言研究所副所长、人文学部教授)
3-4 May 2019 Workshop on Recent Approaches to (Non-)Agentivity in Natural Language More details here
30 Nov 2018 历史语言学、语言类型学和语言接触学 罗仁地教授 Randy J. LaPolla (新加坡南洋理工大学)
16 Oct 2018 “把”字构式的原型——边缘扩展
胡亚 (国大中文系研究生)
5 Oct 2018 疑问和焦点如何互动? 祁峰副教授 (华东师范大学)
14 Sept 2018 汉语方言被动标记的复杂性 王统尚博士 (武汉大学文学院)
22 Mar 2018 虚词研究及框架词典编撰的新思路 邵敬敏教授 (暨南大学)
25 Jan 2018 军话概述 丘学强副教授 (深圳大学人文学院)
27 Oct 2017 Reanalysis of Wait Verbs in Central Sinitic Languages: The formation of causative and passive morphology Professor Hilary M. Chappell, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
2 Oct 2015 “语言特区”的性质与类型 徐杰教授 (澳门大学人文学院副院长、中国语言文学系)
7 Sept 2015 Bilingual development as a mechanism of grammatical change Professor Stephen Matthews (Department of Linguistics, University of Hong Kong)