The Centre for Language Studies views teaching and research as the twin pillars of its endeavour to create an impact on both the university landscape and the international language education community. Quality research will lead to continuous improvements in the quality of teaching in the CLS and contribute to the professional development of its staff. To create a healthy research culture and to facilitate the translation of research into better practice, it actively encourages staff as well as invites international scholars of good standing to deliver lectures and conduct seminars and workshops under its auspices.

  • The CLS engages in research in second and foreign language education. It focuses on both theoretical and applied research with the dual aim of contributing new insights to these disciplines and establishing a reputation for good quality and innovative teaching approaches.

  • As part of its efforts to innovate, the CLS encourages the study of the application of new technologies to second and foreign language teaching and learning as well as their impact on teaching methodology, curriculum development and learning processes.

  • The CLS recognizes the obvious contributions of various related academic disciplines such as psychology, language acquisition, linguistics, literature and cultural studies to language teaching and associates itself with research in these disciplines which helps to shape the methodology and contents of its language curriculum.

Research Committee

Designation Name Profile Email
Chairperson Assoc Prof Suthiwan Titima
Assoc Prof Chan Wai Meng
Assoc Prof Izumi Walker
Assoc Prof Chin, Kwee Nyet

Research Projects

The following research and writing projects are on-going.

Assoc Prof Chan, Wai Meng

Assoc Prof Chan is currently working on a book co-edited by him and Hermann Funk of the University of Jena in Germany. The book is on learner autonomy and new technologies in foreign language learning. When completed, the book is expected to contain about fifteen chapters written by an international cast of contributors on theoretical issues, empirical research and current curricular practice.

Ms Nguyen, Bich Thuan

  • Vietnamese for beginners
  • Colloquial Vietnamese

Assoc Prof Suthiwan, Titima

Assoc Prof Titima Suthiwan is currently on an attachment with the Asia Research Institute (ARI), working on a book writing project entitled “ Thai and Malay :The Socio – Cultural Dynamics of Linguistic Contact”. The book will explore the relationship between the Thai and the Malay speaking people between the 16th and 20th centuries which has long been receiving little attention despite its strong evidence in the Thai language and Thai literature. This book is a multidisciplinary study of linguistics, literature, and history.

Prior to the attachment with ARI in July 2002, Dr Titima finished her translation of a Jewish philosophical novel , “Jacob's Journey”, written by Noah benShea. The book is published by Kobfai Publishing Project, an affiliate of Obor :The International Book Institute, Inc., and will be launched in Thailand by December 2002.

Dr Guo, Jun Hai

Dr Guo is currently working on as collaborator on a project funded by a research grant from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The project, entitled "Chinese Text and Chinese Learning in Japan during the Sino-Japanese War", is headed by the Principal Investigator, Assoc Prof Timothy Tsu of the Japanese Studies Department. This project, interdisciplinary in method and conceptualization, examines how Japanese scholars involved in the study and teaching of classical Chinese language and literature defended their professional activity during the extraordinary years from 1937-1945 when Japan and China were fighting a full-scale war with each other. It is expected to produce a paper on the position of Chinese learning in Japan during the war years of 1937-1945 and to explore future topics of research.

Assoc Prof Chan, Wai Meng

Assoc Prof. Chan is the Principal Investigator of a research study on "The Effects of Interactive Aids on Learners' Metacgonition in Network-based Language Learning". He has been awarded a research grant by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for this study, which will be conducted from March to August 2003.

The study aims to achieve the following:

  1. To explore the effects of interactive cognitive and metacognitive aids on learners' metacognitive processes while carrying out a network-based language task;

  2. To seek insights into how the specific attributes of electronic media can be applied to improve metacognition; and

  3. To uncover and formulate pedagogical principles for the design of cognitive and metacognitive aids in network-based language tasks.

The study is expected to generate a research report to be published as a CLS Working Paper, at least one conference paper to be presented at Eurocall 2003, and an article to be submitted to an international refereed journal. In addition, the results of the study will be applied to the development of courseware housed under "e-daf", the Virtual Self-access Centre for German as a Foreign Language, created and maintained by Dr. Chan and a team of German lecturers.

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