Teaching and research are the twin pillars of the Centre's efforts to create an impact on both the university landscape and the international language education community.

CLS endeavours to follow and actively contribute to best practices in University foreign language teaching. The highly positive student feedback is indicative of the high standards of teaching that we have attained. We are committed to maintaining and continuously raising these standards by seeking new, innovative approaches to teaching and encouraging our teachers to develop themselves professionally.

CLS subscribes to the belief that quality research will lead to improvements in the quality of teaching. Our staff engage in research in second and foreign language education, focusing on both theoretical and applied research. We encourage especially the study of the application of new technologies to second and foreign language teaching and learning as well as their impact on teaching methodology, curriculum development and learning processes.

Teaching Development Committee

Designation Name Profile Email
Chairpersons Associate Prof Suthiwan Titima
Assoc Prof Izumi Walker
Members Dr Aishah Bte Mohamad Kassim
Dr Cheong, Lee Peng
Ms Istanto, Johanna Wulansari
Ms Klayklueng, Sasiwimol
Ms Saito, Yukiko
Mr Masanori Nagami
Dr Mihi Park
Mr Hamasaki, Yuzuru

Framework Syllabus

Due to the need for a common orientation and direction in the teaching of foreign languages in the Centre for Language Studies, a committee comprising experienced teaching staff within the centre was set up. Its main objective was to discuss and propose a general framework syllabus which could serve as a basic reference document for language teachers for their teaching.

This framework syllabus is drawn up to provide guidelines for the design of syllabi and the development of curricula in the various language programmes in the CLS, and for teachers in planning and conducting lessons. It is also intended to inform readers of the approach which the Centre has chosen to realize its pedagogical objectives.

For more details of the Framework Syllabus, click here

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