In the Honours Thesis, students develop their own research questions, conduct independent fieldwork and analyse their data under close guidance from their supervisors.


The full text of these Thesis can be accessed at the CNM General Office.

Annabel Ngien Szi Min

Pathway Linking Instagram Use to Social Anxiety: A Mediated Study in Singapore Considering Social Comparison and Self-Esteem


Lynette Liew

Opinion Climate Perceptions in Social Media: A Think-Aloud Investigation of Racial Group Identity and Diabetes in Singapore


Joey Chua Xue Ting

CASHLESS... AND HELPLESS? A Qualitative Study of Elderly Singaporeans' Readiness to Adopt Mobile Payment amid Singapore's Tradition to a Cashless Society


Roe Curie

Narrative Game Mechanics as an Unreliable Narrator


Luna Luan Haoyue

Factors that Affect Millennials‚Äô Behaviour Intention to Interact with Government Messenger Chatbot ‚Äď ‚Äė‚Äô


Sugimura Akane

Effects of Korean Drama Viewing on Romantic Beliefs: Examining the Mediating Roles of Identification and Parasocial Relationships with Drama Characters

Fion Leong Jia Le

Sinsehs Study: A Quantitative study on communicative differences between traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and clinical medicine practitioners in Singapore


Dexter Tay Hai Hong

Health message frames and the Nocebo effect.


Hong Ling Hui

Policing Love: The use of Mobile tracking applications in romantic relationships


Charmaine Chan Han Wen

Tablet use of preschoolers: A study of parental perceptions and mediation strategies


Wee Yan Ran

Enacting participation in a participative culture: Applying models of science communication to user-generated content on Youtube


Leong Si Min Celine

Presenting to you my favorite side: Selfies as a construction of the online visual self


Teh Tien Li

The twitter echo chamber effect in the 2015 Singaporean General Election


Zhao Chenyu

Women leadership in Singapore


Ng Hong Wen

The role of perceived source personalness and cause involvement in online charitable crowdfunding


Chen Xing Yu

How collaborators maintain consistency during com


Amanda Kee Hwee Leng

Predicting relationship management in Public relations


Jacquelyn Soh

The feminists in postfeminist sitcoms: Analysing how sitcoms reconstruct postfeminist subjectivities


Lee Sian Kang Philip

Blog advertorials that sell: The impact of blogger credibility, advertising intent, and product involvement on the effectiveness of blog advertorials


Ridwana Begum

A Feminist standpoint analysis of women in the non-profit sector of India, and their use of New Media


Tang Rei-En

Nobody wants to follow a fake! The co-construction of authenticity of social media personalities


Lim Yen Siu

Swipe right for true love: The differences in perceptions between Singaporean users and non-users of tinder


Zhai Rui

The Singaporean way of couch surfing: An investigation on how Singaporean couch surfers assess hosts and craft profiles


Cheryl Lim

Health information behavior among young Singaporean women regarding HPV vaccination


Tan Hui Xin Jessica

Conversation starters: Examining threat and efficacy message elements in suicide prevention social media campaigns


Toh Di Di Andy

Grindr (Gay social dating application) in Singapore: A study of user’s gratification and Grindr’s features


Chen Junni

Communication histories in Singapore: The question of forms




Lim Lay Ting

The value of stock opinions on twitter: A cross-sectional study of abnormal returns during earnings announcements of S & P 500 Firms


Stephanie Phua Xinyi

An Empirical analysis of the determinants of young customers’ attitudes towards and acceptance of mobile marketing in Singapore

Trudy CHUA Hui Hui

Social Media, Beauty and Adolescence Girls in Singapore


CHIN EN Yu Keefe

Singaporean Youths and LAN Gaming Centers: Friends, Fun and a place to hang out


Raphael GOH

Homeschooling in Singapore: An exploration study on technology use


KWOH Hwee Bun

Deconstructing the addiction narrative: Computer involvement and Health of Singaporean Undergraduates


LEE Miao Qian

Eco chambers on Facebook: An information exchange and interactivity based analysis of prosocial and trolling communities


LIM Guan Liang Ivan

Extending the social-mediated crisis communication model: The effect of crisis history and prior reputation on public response to crisis


LIM Jing Ci Jill

Exploring the dichotomy between biomedicine and TCM : A critical perspective


LOH Sze Ming

Pedagogy and Technology: A study of ICT initiatives in Singapore education.


TAN Chun Wui

Travelling authentically through Instagram: Social Media user-generated content as disruption of Hermeneutic circles in Tourism


Dawn TAN Jia Jun

Saying sorry: the relationship between perceived truthfulness of apology statements, Facebook’s network ties and post crisis purchase intention



Bromance representation: Reading masculinities in contemporary western television


TAN Peng Sin

The practice of everyday music: Locating online piracy in digital music consumption


WEE Li Yan Jeanette

Exploration of Korean Pop culture dissemination through the internet and its influence on identity formation among Singaporean Youths


WONG Hui Shan

The third person effect on couples: Assessing the effects of social media on self and their significant other

Brendon Keefe AU

Finding out how to better protect the citizens of tomorrow: A culture-centered approach to HIV and University-age men in Singapore


CHONG Kai Yang

My Doctor, the Internet: Self diagnostics using the Internet among University Students in Singapore


Brandon DO Minh Thanh

The Effects of Multitasking with a Conversational Task on Product Attitudes in YouTube Advertisements


HE Yining

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Feminist Representation in New Media


Kenneth Kang

Relationship building strategies and outcome: An analysis of the use of face book by Singapore Political Parties and Politicians


KWOK Jia Xin

FOMO: Fear of Missing out on Social Media



LEE Shi Qi

Intersection between foreign media and young Singaporeans’ cultural identities


LIM Lee Ming

Entering Adulthood: A study of mobile communication between parents and their emerging adult children in Singapore


LIM Liu Xian

Understanding academic freedom in Singapore


NEO Yu Han

Beyond the Gutter Hypertextual Interactivity in Comics


Hanson NG Shui Jaet

The portrayal of cross-dressing actors on Singapore's mainstream Televsion


PHAM Thi Ngoc Bich

ICT Use of Migrant Vietnamese Students in Singapore to Connect with Left-behind Families and Friends


SIM Bao Jie, Louis

Preventive health behavior among baby boomers in Singapore: The role of family, peers and media


Valerie Vanessa TAN Lin Yin

The (dis)enabling of youths-at-risk in Singapore through Social Media and Technology: An Educators’ Perspective


TAN Pei Ling Jolene

Cyberactivism: Exploring the depths of new media within the LDBTQ community in Singapore


WONG Jia Yun

Greening the Gold: Framing the CSR-Luxury paradox on luxury brand websites


YIP Wai Yan

Social Comparison Effects on Singaporean Men's Body Image Ideals

ANG Min Jia

The role of experience in sustained volunteerism among youths


HUYNH Quang Hung

Effects of healthy eating program on youths in Singapore


Rachel LEE Kar Yee

Hallyu Melayu: A closer look into K-Pop in Singapore


Joy NG Xue Qi

An experiment on music as a service (MASS) to fight digital peracy


Darren ONG Yan Shen

The poker broom: The online medium as resuscitator


Maria Daud ROWE

Negotiating and remembering ‚Äúhome‚ÄĚ: The role of social media in migration


Shaikha Nurfarah bte SMHM

Living, breathing, perceiving Singapore: What the media has to do with it


TEO Jue-Ying Gwenth

Oh Xiaxue: Representation of women in Singapore



You-tube: Broadcast yourself to musical stardom: A qualitative study on your tube music scene


YOU Yingdan

Calendar scheduling at the workplace: Supporting co-ordination and continuous planning


ZHU Xueyin Melissa

Supergirls and femme fatales: The representation of strong female characters in the DC Universe


Siti Suhailah B ABDUL WAHID

10 years trends in Republic Communications Journals: Themes and concepts


Sabrina Mercy ANTHONY

Facebook Election: Examining the impact of Facebook use on the political participation of youths during Singapore’s 2011 elections



America Hell Yeah: A critical analysis of pro Amewrican militainment in Call of Duty


CHIN Chainn Minn

An empirical study on female user’s engagement with fashion blogshop in Singapore



The impact of social and cultural factors on piracy


Aisyah HAMID

Mobile medication management system for elderly with polypharmacy


HOO Soo Yu Yvonne

Active Audiences: A study of Singapore’s Chinese TV drama


Nur Shereen KHAN

Democratizing social media for the youth: The government and media’s use of Social Media


KONG Pui San Joanna

Advertising on touch-screen mobile devices verses print media: Cognitive effects of tactile contact on brand loyalty


LER Ka Leng

Comparative study of science news coverage in Singapore English newspapers and major US newspapers


LIM Shi Mei

Fanvids in a social media environment and attitude formation


LIN Yongqing

A Gen Y_centric evaluation of Singapore’s National Education Programme (1983-2011)


LIU Xiaoxuan

A study of the relationship between consumers; expectations of MNC;s corporate social responsibility (CSR) and host cultures


NG Huay Min Sabrina

Online gambling in Singapore: A study on attitudes and motivations


NG Jin Wen

How does a social media platform encourage the crossing of private-public boundaries to easecollective action?


Juhairul Marzuk B NIZAMUDEEN

Revolution 2.0: A critical study on the role of social media during the Arab Spring of 2011


NUYEN Hoang Lien, Helen

Ethics of fast food advertising to children in Singapore


Muhammad Farkhan bin SALLEH

Interacting with familiar and unfamiliar strangers: Issues of trust on online food culltures


Lisa TAN Meiling

The impact of new media on contemporary Art in Singapore


TAN Zy Bridget

In a relationship with: A study of gender differences in displays of affection on facebook