Are you an employer who wants to leverage the knowledge of students who are familiar with the latest communication and new media frameworks? By hiring CNM students, you also help develop the next generation of professionals. CNM is happy to offer the Compulsory Internship Programme (CIP) that lasts 20 weeks.




The 20-week internship takes place twice every year, January to May and July to November. Students earn academic credits when they participate in the Compulsory Internship Programme.


The upcoming internship dates are:

  • 6 Jul - 20 Nov 2020


The department recommends a minimum monthly allowance of S$1000. No CPF contributions are required. Please refer to CPF's FAQ ('Students') for more information. An internship letter of support may be requested from the department. Singapore enterprises are also eligible for up to 70% funding support on the monthly internship stipend via Enterprise Singapore. More information can be found here.


When a student joins the company, the employer is invited to appoint a workplace supervisor to guide and review the progress of internship. For CIP, the workplace supervisor will need to evaluate and provide feedback on the student's performance at the end of internship. The workplace supervisor’s feedback accounts for a significant part of the grade that the student will receive at the end of the internship.

Employers will need to submit the workplace evaluation report before May and November, depending on the internship semester.


Employers will post their internship positions on a job portal called NUS Talent Connect. Students can then see the jobs on offer, apply for them and send in their resumes using this portal. Employers will post job openings, receive resumes, arrange for interviews and tests, and finally, make job offers - all on this one platform.

All internships must be offered by the company and accepted by the student on TalentConnect.


While working at your company, CNM students are required to fulfil their academic coursework and will need to return to school to attend a handful of evening classes. While CNM strives to minimise disruption to students’ internship and your organisation’s workflow by organising required classes in the evening, we sincerely ask for your understanding on this matter. CIP students would need to attend a maximum of 14 evening classes throughout the 5-month compulsory internship period; the department sincerely hopes that your kind company will release students earlier on dates when they have evening classes back in campus.

Students may occasionally also be required to return to school for exams in the morning or afternoon. We thus seek the company’s flexibility in allowing students time off to take their exams.


Employers who are keen to offer internships can register their internship vacancies in the semester prior to the internship period. Outside the registration period, we also welcome employers who want to offer internship positions to CNM students. To register internship positions, please email



For employers’ internship queries, please email


As part of the Communications and New Media internship, employers should read through this guide and be aware of the following:

1. Note that this is a graded internship. The grade is determined by 3 reports written by the student and a supervisor's evaluation. The supervisor will need to sign off on one report and also complete the supervisor's evaluation.

2. 30% of the student’s grade will be determined bythe supervisor evaluation  (this will be kept confidential between the organization and NUS).

3. Weekend work should be compensated with time off in lieu.

4. Overtime should be aligned with ad-hoc project lifecycle and not the norm, on a daily basis.

5. Students need to be let off at 5pm for evening classes (MOOCs) without pay deduction.

6. The employment contract should be in place; students who have interned for longer than 3 months should have pro-rated sick leave and annual leave.

7. The organizations mentoring our students must ensure that the internship allows for learning and growth on the students’ part.

8. The internship team may drop by for a site visit any time to check on the student’s progress.

9. Employers are advised to offer students $1000. A lower amount may be offered, but it must be stated clearly in the job description on the NUS portal.

10. Currently, students are strictly not allowed to take overseas internships to fulfil NM3550Y.

11. Employers are advised to contact the CIP Team ( as the first protocol if any problems arise during the internship.

TalentConnect Help


To post an internship position, see the following:

a.       Sign up and login to TalentConnect.

b.       Go to ‘Jobs & Internships’ tab à ‘Job/Internship Postings’ à ‘Create a Job.

c.       Fill in the job details and select the following:

Position Type: Faculty Internships – Arts & Social Sciences

Restrict Applications/Activate Screening: ‘Yes’ should be selected.

Internship Programme: CNM Compulsory Internship Programme – July 2020

Are interns allowed to take time-off to read evening modules on-campus? Evening modules are held from 6pm onwards: ‘YES’ must be selected.


To make an offer to the student, see the following:

1. Log in to TalentConnect

2. Head to ‘Jobs & Internship Postings’ and click on the job that is to be offered

3. Go to ‘Student Resumes’ 

4. Select 'Offer Position'