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At NUS Communications and New Media Executive Education, individuals at every level gain the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to their organisations at a higher level. With a diverse mix of programmes focusing on leading research, best practices and innovative communication frameworks, executives and rising leaders alike go back to their organsisations transformed.


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With social media, global 24/7 news, and a more engaged public, organisations find themselves having to deal with issues and crises in the public eye more than ever before.  Managing crisis situations satisfactorily can mean the difference between survival and collapse of the brand.  However, too many organisations are still ill-prepared, from lacking a crisis communications plan and executives being unsure of what their roles are, to not having a clear idea who their various audiences are and who is responsible for them.

This two-day workshop is designed to equip your organisation’s communications/crisis team on what to expect, what to do, and how to prepare for that dreaded crisis.


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Social media has become a critical tool for 90% of all organisations today, whether in the private, public or NGO sector.  Yet many brands still struggle to effectively utilise these platforms to engage their audience.  Sometimes it is an issue of unrealistic expectations, poor targeting of audiences, or just a better engagement strategy.  With so much invested, time, resources, and the critical need to maximise the utility and potential of social media, organisations need to ensure that they make the most of their social media presence.


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The trick to communicating effectively is to write simply and concisely. Yet this is easier said than done because of the perception that messaging requires an oh-so-formal approach replete with polysyllabic jargon. That is so wrong. What‚Äôs worse is when the message is clouded by platitudes and self-glorification that you see so often in press statements. 


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