Jiang Qinghuai

Satveer Kaur is a doctoral student at the Department of Communications & New Media (CNM), National University of Singapore, and a CARE Research Assistant. Satveer’s current research interests are in health and political communication, specifically looking at health experiences and inequalities among impoverished communities, where health disparities are rampant. Her doctoral thesis looks at cardiovascular disease and the Malay community in Singapore. Her other research projects include health experiences amongst subaltern migrant communities, framing of migrant worker communities and health information seeking behaviour in Singapore.

Satveer received her Master of Science (MSc) in International Public Policy from University College London in 2011. She studied contemporary global affairs, the theoretical underpinnings of international relations, international organizations, global treaties, and transnational crime. Her Master’s dissertation looked at illegal wildlife trafficking in Southeast Asia within the broader context of wildlife regimes. As a student of NUS, where she received her Bachelor of Social Science (BSc with Honors), she was an active member with the university’s animal welfare group and a participant in the International Alliance of Research Universities, Oxford’s Global Leadership Programme at University of Oxford, in the Summer of 2009.

Satveer was also a teaching assistant with the CNM department at NUS. Previously, she worked with the Housing and Development Board of Singapore as a Corporate Communications Manager, where she specialized in media relations and planning.