Thesis Title

Cao Yuanying

Mediations negotiation: Chinese parent’s and children’s internet use at home.

JIOW Hee Jhee

Parental Mediation of Video Gaming in Singapore

Florian KUND

Nation branding in the imagination age: How to build image, past and future in Singapore and Sharjah

LOH Weiye

Beyond De (Linking) Views: New Media and the (De) polarization of Group (ed) Individual

NG Guan Lin Derrick

New Media Technologies

Christopher ONG Eng Hwa

Adaptability vs Consistency of artificial team-mates in collaborative games


The discourse of efficient spatialaity: Ambiguities of active participation in space with personalised location-based analytics

Wendy WONG Hwei Chern

Exploring the influence of social emotional needs on the online behaviour of older adults in Singapore

Name Thesis Title
Evelyn CHEW Ai Ling Social implications of recreational ICT on body image of young Singaporean females
CHIANG Jing Ying Understanding interactivity in new media art
GUI Kai Chong Framing of the nation in Singapore’s Newspapers
Prasanth RAVIKUMAR Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Empowerment
Pauline LUK Health Communication
Sanju MENON Human computer interaction, flow, normative decision making, multi-media design
ZHANG Lize The impact of social media on the development of the civil society organisations (CSOs), especially the effect of micro-blogging on the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and grassroots organisations in China
Name Thesis Title
CAO Xiyue Evolutionary net-volution: An insight into the popularity of micro blog in mainland China
Anna FILIPPOVA Identifying sustainability and potential for improvement in comkons-based peer production by examining external threats;
Joen GN Hong Zhan Desire of the digital doll: Virtual idols, simulations and the emotion machine
Gulizar HACIYAKUPOGLU Social Media’s role in democratization and operation of democracy
Kintu JOSEPH Web 2.0 and creation of social capital in India
JIOW Hee Jhee Investigating “problematic” internet gaming in the Singapore context.
Christopher ONG Eng Hwa Adaptability vs consistency of artificial team-mates in collaborative games
Derrick NG Negotiating the “I” in a technological-manifested facebook identity
Daniel TEO Hee Boon Media Framing of HIV in Singapore
Shobha VADREVU Teacher-student relationships in the age of facebook
Wendy WONG Hwei Chern To understand and determine the reach and impact of the use of social networking sites by mature adults
Name Thesis Title
Rachel AMTZIS The effectiveness of social impact games as awareness raining tools for non-profit organisations
CHAN Yan Ling The impact of Mobile phone use on the identity of young migrant workers in China
Mallika DESAI A comparison of communication management in India and Singapore with a focus on cultural difference and the respective rates of New Media Development
Andrew DUFFY Building bridges or digging ditches? Intercultural issues in computer-supported collaborative learning among journalism students
GOH Tong Jee The Games Singapore plays: A discursive analysis of Singapore’s nationalism through the Youth Olympic Games and Asian Youth Games
JIANG Laiming Media Flow & Cross- cultural communication
Mary LEE Telling & interpreting the “Singapore Story” in National Education: A public Relations Approach
LI Nai An evaluation of the effectiveness of online advertisements
LOH Weiye Beyond De(Linking) Views: New Media and the (de)polarisation of Group(ed) individuals
Alvin SAW Interactive digital media in Education
Rosel S S PASCUAL From Text to Cash: Examining Singapore-based Filipino Workers’ Acceptance and Use of mobile remittance technology
Joshua WONG Using non-verbal communication channels to enhance the emotional impact of NPC interaction in Games
Dazzelyn ZAPATA Imagining the periphery
ZHOU Xuanming Game elements : Forming the periodic table of design
Name Thesis Title
CAO Yuanying Is my space secure? Chinese bloggers’ online privacy studies
Catherine CANDANO Providing cases for future recommendations of more meaningful targeted new media engagement for audiences in development communications
John FLETCHER The sociopolitical effects of the creation and distribution of private film on the internet on filmmaking as a Fine Art
Kund FLORIAN Talking ICTs – The victory of the information and communication technologies meta-narrative of development in the political discourse
Luis HERNANDEZ Gaming studies in the augmented space through notions of entanglement
HO Chi Sam ICTs and religion in Singapore
Rosalie HOOI Deception and disclosure in a virtual community
LIN Jin The impact of the internet on the social vulnerable groups
Jodie LUU Social network sites and IT companies in Asia Pacific
Vichitra KUMAR Monsters, vampires and deadly women: A cultural and political study of western horror films
MAO Chengting Movie and TV media culture: After decentralization: Postmodern movie and TV media
NG Li Ting Interactivity & its implications on online advertising effectiveness: a cognitive approach
Rahayu Assessing “localism” in Indonesia’s local TV
Anuradha RAO Leveraging ICTs for participatory law-making in India: Political & communication processes.. A case study of the right to Information Act 2005
WANG Rong Mode of interpersonal communication under New media: A research on structure of grade in blog reading
John YAP Exploring user behaviors in virtual immersive environments: An analysis of the learning & social behavior of users in NUS Second Life
ZHANG Lingzi Legitimacy of civil democracy in China- Social actors in public-governance news
ZHU Qinfeng The role of interpersonal connection in the effectiveness of internet advertising: An exploration of “branded emoticon” in instant messaging
Name Thesis Title
Shabnam AKHTER Impact of new media in the changing socio-economic structure of Bangladesh: Case study of urban Dhaka
HUANG He Digital production and distribution: The feasibility of the integration of Film and television
Arudhra KRISHNASWAMY Changing attitude of the Indian Media towards homosexuality and its impact on Society
MOHAMED Elmie bin Nekmat Research study on online gambling and its implications on Singapore and its society
Aaron NG Yi Kai The relevance of agenda setting theory in the online environment
Cheryl Ruth SORIANO Internet, mobile technologies and sustainable rural livelihoods in the Philippines
Srikumar SUBRAMANIAM Modeling gamakas of Carnatic music as a synthesizer for sparse prescriptive notation
Tatjana TODOROVIC On alternative space
Name Thesis Title
Aleena CHIA Leng An The network and the Void: Myth and spectacle of the mediatized self in personal blogs.
Justine ESPINA-LETARGO. Riding the cyber-campaign wave: Highs and lows of promoting Philippine candidates on the web
HUANG Jing A Study of Internet Use and Generalized Trust in China
Pratichi JOSHI

Analysis of ICT4D project as socio technological models of development: The case of Rajasthan carpet industry.

KIM Gyeongmin A study on how Singaporean audience embraces Korean TV drama
Siti Nurharnani binte NAHAR Sexuality Information Online and the Singapore Youth
OU Meimin Public relations in the Singapore context
PAN Biyun Understanding sub-group identification, team identifications and integrated relations in Global Virtual Teams
Ganga SASIDHARAN The role of individual attributes in influencing learning outcomes of Internet based training programs.
SOH Seok Keim Shirley A study of Episteromological Assumption behind New Media policy in Singapore
SOON Wan Ting Carol A comparative study of online Political Communities in Southeast Asia
Minu THOMAS Everyday communication of migrant domestic workers in Singapore
YUAN Jiangping Dynamics of online game industry in China: An application of Porter’s Model
Name Thesis Title
HE Yu Exploring the Chinese blogsphere: The motivations of blog authors and readers
HUANG Shansi Executional cues. Interactivity and level of involvement in banner advertisement: An experimental approach to understanding online advertising effectiveness
Manjari KISHORE ICTs projects and social development in Asia: 2 case studies exploring options, opportunities and constraints
Amelia Christy MULIANA Online Journalism, second reality, virtual reality, effects
Nandini PRASHAD The internet as a platform for civic engagement in Singapore
Name Thesis Title
Shib Shankar DASGUPTA ICT Adoption and Social Change in Rural South Asia: A case study on Grameen Telecom in Bangladesh
Candice GOH Huat Choon An Exploratory Study of Business to Consumer E-commerce Adoption by Businesses in Singapore
Jayarani SELVARAJU The interactive television: Developing a favourable regulatory environment in Singapore
SHEN Cuihua Anonymity, Motivations and Participation in Virtual Learning Communities: A Case Study in the Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE)
SOON Hsueh Yirng Louisa

Entrepreneurial Universities in a Knowledge-based Economy: The case of National University of Singapore

Victor TAN Teck Loon The use of ICTs in Long-Distance Family Communication: A Singaporean Perspective
WANG Yi Newspaper Commercialization and it’s political implications in China: A case study of the Yangtze Evening Post
Name Thesis Title
JIANG Wei User Behaviour and the Impact of the Internet: A study of chinese net users in Beijing and Shanghai