Students who undertake our graduate programmes, gain from the interdisciplinary backgrounds of our faculty and research-focused atmosphere. They are able to further their research in areas of their choice, through the various core and elective modules, the programme also allows students to benefit from the many research conferences, seminars and workshops, providing a platform for the exchange of research innovations, theories and ideologies with experts in the field and peers alike.


The department offers a Master of Arts (by research) programme. Research candidates may be admitted as full-time or part-time students. However, international students on student's pass must pursue their studies on a full-time basis. The maximum periods of candidature for both full-time and part-time candidates in the Masters programme is 36 months.


All graduate students are required to take the following research modules:


NM6101 - Advanced Theories in Communications and New Media

NM6103 - Quantitative Research Methods in Communications and New Media

NM6104 - Qualitative Research Methods in Communications and New Media

NM6770 - Graduate Research Seminar 


In addition, students will need to read two elective modules.


Application Information

Applicants should submit a completed graduate application form along with their undergraduate and graduate transcripts, TOEFL report or IELTS report (native English speakers can apply for a waiver) and two recommendation letters. A well-written research proposal is very important for the review process. Scholarships are available to only qualified candidates. There is one intakes per academic year - in Semester I (August). Click here for the application deadline.

Applications received after the deadlines will be considered for the next intake.

Applications should as far as possible, be accompanied by a Research Proposal of approximately 1000 words. It should indicate the proposed area and topic of research, indicating knowledge of work done in that field, intended methodology, and a brief bibliography.

*Disclaimer on Admission: The University has not engaged any external agencies to undertake graduate student recruitment on its behalf and it reserves the right to reject, without giving reasons, applications submitted through any external agencies.

Upgrading from MA to PhD

CNM students can apply to upgrade their candidacy from MA to PhD provided that they:

(1) Achieve an ‘A’ average over four graduate modules (levels 5000 and 6000) within their first two successive semesters (for full-time students) and the first four successive semesters (for part-time students); and

(2) Obtain the written agreement of a CNM faculty member who is willing to supervise  them for their PhD. The written agreement can take the form of an email request to  and reply from the faculty member, which is copied to the Graduate Coordinator and Head of Department.

After fulfilling the two conditions above, students can then proceed to prepare for the PhD Qualifying Exam (QE). Upon passing the QE, they must then apply for a formal upgrading by filling in the form at the Registrar’s Office website.

** It should be noted that for MA students on Research Scholarship who seek to upgrade to PhD, the extension of their Research Scholarship to their PhD candidature cannot be assured but will be considered along with the slate of new candidates applying within the same period.


Graduate Advisers & Enquiries

Those interested in pursuing graduate studies at CNM can write to