The undergraduate programme, leading to the degrees of B.A. or B.Soc.Sci. (Hons.), is very flexible and students are encouraged to take any of the modules offered in CNM as well as modules from other departments in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the School of Computing and the School of Business. 


The core of the CNM Programme is new media studies, which focus on the societal impact of new technologies on our social, cultural, political and economic landscape. Students can choose from a wide range of modules covering subjects like computer mediated communication, human computer interaction, culture industries, media policy and regulation and game, visual and interactive media design. The communication management area provides an overview of the theory, principles and application of communication research, planning, and management in organisations. Students interested in careers in communication management in the age of interactive and new media have the unique opportunity to combine learning about interactive media with designing content for new media and doing research for communication management.


With this multi-faceted understanding of new media and communications, CNM graduates will be able to work in a wide spectrum of private corporations and public agencies, in policy formulation, public relations, corporate communication, research and information management positions.


Communications and New Media (CNM) is the only programme in Singapore and Southeast Asia that offers a concentration in communications and new media studies within a single department. The programme is innovative and dynamic, taking into account the ever-changing new media landscape both in Singapore and the rest of the world.


The Bachelor of Arts programme is a 3 year degree programme. Students majoring in CNM are required to complete the following CORE Modules.

  • NM1101E or NM1101FC Communications, New Media and Society
  • NM2101 Theories of Communications and New Media
  • NM2103 Quantitative Research Methods
  • NM2104 Qualitative Communication Research Methods
  • NM3550Y Communications and New Media Internship (Compulsory Internship Programme)
  • NM4102 Advanced Communications and New Media Research (Honours Module) (Note: See *)

(*) Required for students who are planning to do their Honours. 


The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) programme is a 4 year programme. To declare Honours track, students must have completed 110 MCs, including 44 MCs of Major requirements, and have a CAP of 3.20 and above. To qualify for the Honours Thesis (15 MCs), students must be on the Honours track and have a CAP of at least 3.50. In order to obtain Honours with Highest Distinction, students must achieve a CAP of 4.50 or higher and pass the Honours Thesis. Students can also choose not to do an Honours Thesis and instead fulfil the Honours Year requirements with additional modules.


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