Date  Time Venue Title


17 Aug 2018 3 PM  CNM Playroom Room New Media in the Life Sciences Dr Sorelle Henricus
24 Aug 2018 3 PM  CNM Playroom

User Experience Design for Interactional Investment

Asst Prof Lu Weiquan
14 Sept 2018 3 PM CNM Playroom

Who Still Needs Cultural Research? 

Prof John Erni
21 Sept 2018 3 PM CNM Playroom Rethinking Queer Capitalism: Male-to- Female Crossdressing in Cotemporary Japan.  Dr Michelle H.S. Ho
12 Oct 2018 9.30 AM  AS8 ARI Seminar Room Youth and Digital Citizenship in Asia Seminar 1) Prof. Fran Martin
(University of Melbourne)

2) Prof. John N. Erni
(Hong Kong Baptist University)

3) Dr. Annisa R. Beta
(National University of Singapore)

4) A/P Tracey Skelton
(National University of Singapore)

5) Dr. Elmie Nekmat
(National University of Singapore)

6) Mr. Cleve Arguelles
(University of the Philippines Manila)
19 Oct 2018 3PM CNM Playroom Creative Hubs in Question Prof Andy Pratt
9 Nov 2018 3 PM CNM Playroom Platform coops in Asia and the World: Towards a Political Economy basis for Sustainable Labour Prof Jack Linchuan Qiu
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