Date Venue Title Speaker
4 Jan 2019 CNM Playroom Optimize Your Flow: Publish and Prosper as Early-Career Communication Researchers Prof Jack Qiu
25 Jan 2019 AS7 Queer Cinema In Noeliberal Times: Strange Bedpartners Prof Chris Berry
1 Feb 2019 CNM Playroom Social capital and health: Results from Australian panel studies Dr Lee Jeong Kyu
15 Feb 2019 CNM Playroom Playable Cities Now Dr Troy Innocent
15 Feb 2019 CNM Playroom Boosting Cognitive Capacities through Gaming Experiences A/P Maria Kozhevnikov
22 Feb 2019 CNM Playroom Gender and the Media in Contemporary Japan: Continuity and Change A/P Hiromi Tanaka
25 Feb 2019 ARI Seminar Room Precincts, Participation, and Placemaking: New Ways to Measure Cultural Imapct Prof Andy Pratt
15 Mar 2019 CNM Playroom We are more you (than you)! Performing 'Multi-Culturalism' in Ethnic Minority Facebook pages in Hong Kong A/P Lisa Leung
29 Mar 2019 CNM Playroom Laboring on the National(ism) Grid: Social Media in Myanmar as Collective Construction of Nationalist Propaganda Infrastructure Dr Elliott Prasse-Freeman
9 Apr 2019 CNM Playroom Digital Transactions in Asia A/P Adrian Athique
14 May 2019 CNM Meeting Room Journey to the South: Smartphone Business Ecosystems in Postcolonial Cape Town Prof Jack Qiu
6 Jun 2019 CNM Playroom Knowledge Creation Processes in Space and Time: From Science to Arts and the Era of AI Dr Johanna Hautala
17 Jun 2019 CNM Playroom Towards a Transnational Queer Sociology: The Case of Young Gay Male Identities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China A/P Travis Kong
26 Jul 2019 CNM Playroom Into the New World: Popular Music and Youth Protests in Asia A/P Chow Yiu Fai
23 Aug 2019 Central Library Theatrette Im/material Entanglements: The Meshing of Culture, Communication and Technology Prof Nikos Papastergiadis
30 Aug 2019 CNM Playroom A Researcher's Navigation through the Maze of Research on (Problematic) Media Use and Psychological Well-being Dr Kim Jung-hyun
20 Sep 2019 ARI Seminar Room Alluring Monsters: Queer Pontianaks in Film and Television Prof Rosalind Galt
1 Nov 2019 CNM Playroom Media and Univeralism Dr Alex Lambert
8 Nov 2019 CNM Playroom Bandungism: Chen Yingzhen's Third World Prof Chen Kuan-Hsing
29 Nov 2019 CNM Playroom Queer Homecoming in Sinophone Cultures: Translocal Remapping of Kinship A/P E.K. Tan
10 Dec 2019 CNM Playroom Ethnography in the Fake News Factory: The Perils and Possibilities of Empathy for the Disinformation Producer A/P Jonathan Corpus Ong
Date  Time Venue Title


17 Aug 2018 3 PM  CNM Playroom Room New Media in the Life Sciences Dr Sorelle Henricus
24 Aug 2018 3 PM  CNM Playroom

User Experience Design for Interactional Investment

Asst Prof Lu Weiquan
14 Sept 2018 3 PM CNM Playroom

Who Still Needs Cultural Research? 

Prof John Erni
21 Sept 2018 3 PM CNM Playroom Rethinking Queer Capitalism: Male-to- Female Crossdressing in Cotemporary Japan.  Dr Michelle H.S. Ho
12 Oct 2018 9.30 AM  AS8 ARI Seminar Room Youth and Digital Citizenship in Asia Seminar 1) Prof. Fran Martin
(University of Melbourne)

2) Prof. John N. Erni
(Hong Kong Baptist University)

3) Dr. Annisa R. Beta
(National University of Singapore)

4) A/P Tracey Skelton
(National University of Singapore)

5) Dr. Elmie Nekmat
(National University of Singapore)

6) Mr. Cleve Arguelles
(University of the Philippines Manila)
19 Oct 2018 3PM CNM Playroom Creative Hubs in Question Prof Andy Pratt
9 Nov 2018 3 PM CNM Playroom Platform coops in Asia and the World: Towards a Political Economy basis for Sustainable Labour Prof Jack Linchuan Qiu