Crisis Communication Masterclass


With social media, global 24/7 news and a more engaged public, organisations find themselves having to deal with issues and crises in the public eye more than ever before. Managing these situations satisfactorily can mean the difference between survival of the brand. However too many organisations are still ill prepared, from the lack of a crisis communications plan to executives unsure what their roles are to having a clear idea who their various audience are and who is responsible for them.

This two day workshop is designed to equip any organisation’s communications/crisis team on what to expect, what to do, and how to prepare for that dreaded crisis.


Course Outline

  1. How to assemble a crisis communications team
  2. How to put together a crisis communications plan
  3. How to manage the different stakeholders/audiences
  4. How to draft key messages and put together material to be disseminated
  5. How to manage the media
  6. How to manage social media
  7. How to keep the audience informed and mitigate brand damage where possible
  8. How to recover the brand reputation post crisis
  9. What are the key areas to look out for to prepare for a crisis
  10. Digital crisis communications

Participants will also experience:

  1. Hosting a crisis press conference
  2. Managing social media during a crisis

Course Details

Date Run 1: 14-17 December 2020;
Run 2: 26-29 April 2021;
Run 3: 20-23 September 2021
Time 9am - 12.30pm
Venue Course will be held online.
Price Click here for the cost table.
SSG Code CRS-N-0051715


Who should attend?

Executives who wishes to deepen or broaden their skills in media engagement/ communication, with at least a Polytechnic diploma and proficiency in English.


For any enquiries on the course, contact Ms Melody Loh at, or Tel: 6516 7847


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