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Conference for NUS Alumni Theorists

Conference for NUS Alumni Theorists

Over the last 20 years, our graduate program has nurtured a promising group of economic theorists, many of whom are now faculty members at other universities. A virtual reunion conference for NUS alumni theorists was held over two Friday afternoons in late July and there are plans to organize an in-person conference next year, the pandemic situation permitting. The program for this year featured the following speakers.

He Wei, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Does Randomization Matters in Dynamic Games? (with Chen Enxian, Yeneng Sun, and Xu Hanping)

Li Jiangtao, Singapore Management University
Are Simple Mechanisms Optimal When Agents Are Unsophisticated? (with Piotr Dworczak)

Liu Bin, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
Optimal Prize Design in Rank-Order Contests (with Lu Jingfeng)

Qian Xuewen Qian, University of Nottingham, Ningbo
Iterated Elimination Using Undominated Dominators (with Hsieh Yue-Da Hsieh and Qu Chen)

Sun Xiang, Wuhan University
On the Core of Markets with Co-ownerships and Indivisibilities (with Tang Qianfeng and Xiao Mingjun)

Tang Rui, Princeton University
Updating Mutiple Priors

Teh Tat-How, National University of Singapore
Platform governance

Zhang Yongchao, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
The Core of School Choice Problems (with Rong Kang and Tang Qianfeng)

Zhao Wei, HEC Paris
Dynamic research progress report

The conference was organized by Chen Yi-Chun, Pei Ting, John Quah, and Satoru Takahashi.

JQ, August 1st, 2020