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LU Jingfeng
Title: Professor
Email: ecsljf Office: AS2 05-27
Tel: 6516 6026 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, University of Southern California
CV: \people\CV\ecsljf.pdf

Teaching Areas:
Contract Theory
Mathematical Economics

Research Areas:
Auction and Contest
Applied Econometrics
Industrial Organization

Selected Publications:

Optimal Two-Stage Procurement with Hidden R&D Efficiency, with B. Liu, RAND Journal of Economics, forthcoming.

How to Split the Pie: Optimal Rewards in Dynamic Multi-Battle Competitions, , with X. Feng, Journal of Public Economics,160, 82-95, 2018.

Optimal Contest Design with Incomplete Information, B. Liu, J. Lu, R. Wang and J. Zhang, Journal of Economic Theory ,175, 291-317, 2018.

Auctions with Selective Entry, with Matt Gentry and Tong Li, Games and Economic Behavior, forthcoming.

Monotone Equilibrium of Two-Bidder All-Pay Auctions Redux, with Sérgio O. Parreiras, Games and Economic Behavior, forthcoming.

Existence of Monotone Equilibrium in First Price Auctions with Private Risk Aversion and Private Initial Wealth," with Matt Gentry and Tong Li, Games and Economic Behavior, 2015, 94, 214-221.

Auctions with Selective Entry and Risk Averse Bidders: Theory and Evidence, with Tong Li and Li Zhao, RAND Journal of Economics, 2015, 46(3), 524-545.

Team contests with multiple pairwise battles," with Q. Fu and Y. Pan, American Economic Review, 2015, 105(7), 2120-40.

Efficient and Optimal Mechanisms with Private Information Acquisition Costs, with Lixin Ye, Journal of Economic Theory 148 (2013), 393-408.

Optimal Multi-Stage Contest, with Fu Qiang, Economic Theory, 51(2), 2012, 351-382, Reviewed by NAJ Economics.

Optimal Auctions with Asymmetric Financial Externalities, Games and Economic Behavior, 74, 2012, 561-575.

Micro Foundations for Generalized Multi-Prize Contest: A Noisy Ranking Perspective, with Fu Qiang, Social Choice and Welfare, 38(3), 2012, 497-517.

Entry Coordination and Auction Design with Private Costs of Information-Acquisition ", Economic Inquiry, 48(1), 2010, 274-289.

Auction Design with Opportunity Cost, Economic Theory, 38(1), 2009: 73-103.

The Beauty of "Bigness": on Optimal Design of Multi Winner Contests, with Qiang Fu, Games and Economic Behavior, 66, 2009,146-161.

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