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SHIN Jang-Sup
Title: Associate Professor
Email: ecssjs Office: AS2 04-19
Tel: 6516 6753 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, MPhil, Cambridge University
Homepage: N.A
CV: \people\CV\ecssjs.pdf

Teaching Areas:
Technology and Innovation, Economic Growth in East Asia, Development Economics

Research Areas:
Economic Development, Technological Change; Research and Development, Economic Methodology

Selected Publications:
  • The Global Financial Crisis and the Korean Economy: Routledge, 2014

  • A dynamic catch-up strategy in the semiconductor industry: The case of changing leadership in the memory segment, forthcoming Research Policy

  • The pattern of financing industrialization in China: Understanding sources of fixed investment. Global Economic Review 40(2): 145-60, 2011 (co-authored)

  • Global Challenges and Local Responses: The East Asian Experience, London: Routledge, (ed.), 2007

  • An Anatomy of the Technological Leadership of Samsung Electronics: Strategy and Organization for Creating First-Mover Advantages, Seoul: Samsung Economic Research Institute 2006 (123 pages, in Korean)

  • Restructuring Korea Inc.: Financial Crisis, Corporate Reform, and Institutional Transition, London: Routledge, 2003, first-authored with Ha-Joon Chang (155 pages, translated into Korean by Jang Jinho and published by Changbi 2004)

  • The Economics of the Latecomers: Catching-Up, Technology Transfer and Institutions in Germany, Japan and South Korea, London: Routledge, 1996 (214 pages)

  • ‘Three Paths for Technological Catching-Up in East Asia’ (first-authored with Chu, Y.P), in Chu, Y.P. & Hill, H. (ed.) (2006), The East Asian High-Tech Driv, London and New York: Edward Elgar

  • ‘The Future of Development Economics: A Methodological Agenda’, Cambridge Journal of Economics 29: 1111-28, 2005

  • ‘Globalization and Challenges to the Developmental State: A Comparison between South Korea and Singapore’, Global Economic Review 34(4): 379-95, 2005

  • ‘Substituting and Complementing Models of Economic Development in East Asia’, Global Economic Review34(1): 99-118, 2005

  • ‘Economic Reform after the Financial Crisis: A Critical Assessment of Institutional Transition and Transition Costs in South Korea’, The Review of International Political Economy 12(3): 409-433, 2005 (first-authored with Ha-Joon Chang).