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Title: Professor / Head
Email: ecsst Office: AS2 06-11
Tel: 6516 6259 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, Harvard University

CV: /people/CV/ecsst.pdf

Teaching Areas:
Microeconomics, game theory, mathematics for economists

Research Areas:
Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory

Selected Publications:

“Generalized Belief Operator and Robustness in Binary-Action Supermodular Games” (with Daisuke Oyama). Forthcoming in Econometrica.

“Interdependent Preferences and Strategic Distinguishability” (with Dirk Bergemann and Stephen Morris). Journal of Economic Theory 168, March 2017, pp. 329-371.

“How Fast Do Equilibrium Payoff Sets Converge in Repeated Games?” (with Johannes Hörner). Journal of Economic Theory 165, September 2016, pp. 332-359.

“Truthful Equilibria in Dynamic Bayesian Games” (with Johannes Hörner and Nicolas Vieille). Econometrica 83 (5), September 2015, pp. 1795-1848.

“The Robust Selection of Rationalizability” (with Yi-Chun Chen and Siyang Xiong). Journal of Economic Theory 151, May 2014, pp. 448-475.

“Community Enforcement when Players Observe Partners' Past Play.” Journal of Economic Theory 145 (1), January 2010, pp. 42-62.