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SUN Yeneng
Title: Goh Keng Swee Professor
Email: ecssuny Office: AS2 06-10
Tel: 6516 3994 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
CV: -

Teaching Areas:
Game Theory
Microeconomic Theory
Mathematical Economics
Mathematical Finance
Various courses in mathematics

Research Areas:
Economic Theory
Game Theory
Information Economics
Analysis and Probability Theory

Selected Publications:

Wei He and Yeneng Sun, Dynamic games with (almost) perfect information, Theoretical Economics, forthcoming.

Yi-Chun Chen, Wei He, Jiangtao Li and Yeneng Sun, Equivalence of stochastic and deterministic mechanisms, Econometrica 87 (2019), 1367-1390 (plus 18 pages of supplement).

Wei He and Yeneng Sun, Pure-strategy equilibria in Bayesian games, Journal of Economic Theory 180 (2019), 11-49.

Darrell Duffie, Lei Qiao and Yeneng Sun, Dynamic directed random matching, Journal of Economic Theory 174 (2018), 124-183.

Wei He, Xiang Sun and Yeneng Sun, Modeling infinitely many agents, Theoretical Economics 12 (2017), 771-815.

Xiang Sun and Yeneng Sun, Lei Wu and Nicholas Yannelis, Equilibria and incentives in private information economies, Journal of Economic Theory 169 (2017), 474-488.

Wei He and Yeneng Sun, Stationary Markov perfect equilibria in discounted stochastic games, Journal of Economic Theory 169 (2017), 35-61.

Ali Khan, Kali Rath, Yeneng Sun and Haomiao Yu, Strategic uncertainty and the ex-post Nash property in large games, Theoretical Economics 10 (2015), 103-129.