Frequently Asked Questions

Theatre Studies

  • 1. What is Theatre Studies?

    Theatre is an ancient art form that enjoys continuing popularity in many societies, including Singapore. In Theatre Studies, we ask why this is so by exploring theatrical events, practices and ideas. Our investigations are built on understanding the skills and approaches required to create theatre, and of the historical and cultural contexts in which people have made and watched it.

  • 2.What can I expect from the Theatre Studies Programme?

    We offer a combination of practical and seminar-based modules, which allows for the comprehensive investigation of theatre activities and ideas. You will develop practical skills within the context of critical inquiry. However, TS is not a vocational programme i.e. it is not a performing arts academy.

    We also take a broader view of the subject by including other art forms and cultural practices. At NUS, this means that alongside the study of theatre, we also look at film, popular culture, and performance in everyday life.

  • 3. What can I do with a Major in Theatre Studies?

    Graduates in Theatre Studies are well-trained for a variety of arts and media careers, from creative practice and arts management, to event planning and journalism. The transferable skills developed in critical thinking, clear communication and creative problem-solving also mean that graduates are well-placed to enter a wide range of professions extending from teaching and research to entrepreneurship, marketing, and government service.

  • 4. What are the requirements for a student who wants to major in Theatre Studies

    • Exempted from or Passed NUS Qualifying English Test, or Exempted from further CELC Remedial English modules
    • You would then register for TS1101E Introduction to Theatre and Drama. This core module is the prerequisite for most other Theatre Studies modules.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dean's Office, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences National University of Singapore

  • Add: The Shaw Foundation Building, Block AS7, Level 5
  • 5 Arts Link, Singapore 117570
  • Level 5 (Undergraduate) & Level 6 (Graduate)
  • Fax: +65 6777 0751
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