Division of Social Sciences

Department of Sociology



Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sociology

Minor in Sociology (with effect from AY2007-08)


Master of Social Sciences by research
Ph.D. by research

What is it about

The Department of Sociology offers an undergraduate programme leading to the award of B.A. or B.Soc.Sci.(Hons.) and two graduate programmes by research (M.Soc.Sci. and Ph.D. degress). Graduates of the Department are trained to analyze and critique the social dimension applicable to various aspects of individual and group behaviour in different social settings and contexts.

The Department offers a comprehensive curriculum comprising a rich diversity of modules focusing on exciting contemporary issues, ranging from popular culture, media and communications, race and ethnic relations, gender and sexuality, health, religion, law and deviance. These modules help students develop a good understanding of sociology and learn how it can be used to analyse and explain a broad spectrum of social phenomena. Students also acquire critical thinking, analytical and basic research skills through fieldwork, internships, and participation in research projects supervised by professors.

All sociology students in the undergraduate programme take modules in theory, research methods (including computer applications in the social sciences), and several substantive areas (stratification, social psychology, family, religion, politics, gender, education, population and organizations). Students are usually evaluated on the basis of written assignments or project work as well as performance in the end-of-semester examination.

Unique Programmes

Our Department is one of the largest in the FASS, with over 30 faculty members. Our research and teaching interests are also ranging broad. From its earliest beginnings, the Department has combined the disciplines of Sociology and anthropology. Students can thus benefit from learning a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches within both disciplines. 

While many of our faculty specialize on Singapore society, a number of others are engaged in research on other Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam. Teaching and research about the political sociology and anthropology of the Southeast Asian region as a whole, as well as Singapore itself, is thus one of our major strengths.

Our undergraduate courses cover a wide range of topics designed not only to give students a solid grounding in sociological and anthropological ways of thinking, but to provoke them to apply these to all kinds of social problems and taken-for-granted aspects of everyday life, including the world of work, gender and the body, the changing family, popular culture, health and illness, urbanization crime and deviance, the role of the emotions in social life, science and technology in society, human rights, globalization, and the analysis of visual media. Our goal is to enrich the way you see the world, and your understanding of your own social life and experience!

Career Prospects

The undergraduate programme in sociology trains students to develop useful conceptual frameworks for analyzing and understanding social behaviour and organization. It also provides basic training in social research. Sociology graduates are therefore suitable for a wide range of occupations, in administration, human resource management, media and public relations, community service, information and research, general management, marketing, uniformed services among others. Many sociology alumni have distinguished themselves in high prestige careers, such as survey researchers, market analysts, public relations specialists, journalists, broadcasters, administrators, and human resource practitioners.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dean's Office, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences National University of Singapore

  • Add: The Shaw Foundation Building, Block AS7, Level 5
  • 5 Arts Link, Singapore 117570
  • Level 5 (Undergraduate) & Level 6 (Graduate)
  • Fax: +65 6777 0751
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