Polytechnic / Transfer / H3 Students

Polytechnic Diploma (from Cohort 2015)

Polytechnic diploma holders admitted to either 3- or 4-year programmes will be granted advanced placement amounting to 20MCs of Unrestricted Electives (outside Major), which is equivalent to one semester of advanced standing.

In other words, you are exempted from reading 20MCs of Unrestricted Electives (outside Major), or a semester's worth of modules (since recommended workload per semester is 20MCs).

How many MCs must I read?

To fulfil UE requirements, you only have to complete 16MCs of UEs (8MCs can be any module within or outside your major, and the other 8 MCs must be from outside your major).

To complete the Bachelor of Arts programme, you will need to complete 100MCs of modules in total. To complete the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) or Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) programme, you will need to complete 140MCs of modules.

Note that students under special programmes may have different graduation requirements.

If you intend to take a minor or a second major, it is still possible for you to do so. It will just mean that your APC will be in excess and you will have to take more modules.

How do we know what modules we are exempted from? Must we apply for APC/ module exemption?

The exemptions will be automatically given to you. You should be able to see the exempted modules sometime in early September in your student record (EduRec).


Transfer Students from Other Universities

Students who have completed modules prior to their transfer to FASS may be granted advanced placement and exemptions from these modules. Please complete FASS8-12 to apply.

Further details on transfer may be found here.


H3 Students

Students who have read modules under the H3 programmes prior to matriculation, please refer here.


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dean's Office, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences National University of Singapore

  • Add: The Shaw Foundation Building, Block AS7, Level 5
  • 5 Arts Link, Singapore 117570
  • Level 5 (Undergraduate) & Level 6 (Graduate)
  • Fax: +65 6777 0751
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