Pre-Allocation of Exposure Modules for Preferred Major(s)

FASS Exposure Modules

An exposure module offers an introductory yet comprehensive overview of your desired major. Reading it early on in your academic journey is crucial. This is because reading and passing the respective exposure module is a prerequisite for you to declare a subject as your major during the Academic Plan Declaration (APD) exercise (after your first semester of study).

If you already have an idea of the subject(s) you would like to major in, you may indicate your preference through the pre-allocation exercise so that we can pre-allocate the respective exposure modules for you to read in your first or second semester of study.

Note that exposure modules may be used to fulfil the Faculty Core requirements or Unrestricted Electives requirements.

Pre-allocation of Exposure Modules Exercise (prior to Semester 1)

Incoming FASS students will be invited by email to take part in the Pre-allocation of Exposure Modules Exercise in the period of May to June. You may indicate up to four choices on the online form.

In your first semester, you will be pre-allocated two exposure modules. We will, where possible, pre-allocate your first two choices to you. However, in the event that any of your top two choices is over-subscribed, you will be pre-allocated your third or fourth choice. The oversubscribed exposure module (i.e. your first or second choice) will be pre-allocated to you in your second semester of study instead.

If you do not wish to read any of the exposure modules pre-allocated to you, you may drop them on your own using the Module Registration System in July.

Lecture groups, tutorial groups & other modules

Do note that only the lecture groups will be pre-allocated to you. You will still need to ballot for your tutorial groups through the Module Registration system. You will also need to register for the remaining modules you wish to read in your first semester using the Module Registration system. The recommended workload is 20MCs of modules per semester, and the maximum workload you can take is 23MCs in your first semester (unless you have valid reasons, e.g. USP or DDP).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please click here to download the FAQs for this exercise for more information and details.

For enquiries, please send an email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us at 6516 6133 (during office hours).


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