FSLA Feature: Benjamin Lau, President, 55th Management Commitee of the NUS Economics Society


Could you tell us about your work as Economics President (any new initiatives you led) and your motivations for initiating it?

When I first took up the mantle for the 55th Management Committee of NUS Economics Society, I realised the society could be doing so much more for the students. I recruited a larger, more robust team (of nearly 30 people). Some of the projects I initiated was the Student Dialogue - where senior students can give advice to junior ones, and the Economics Japan Trip - where a group of economics students went to Japan and did an immersion.


What was the impact of your project?

I believe the impact of the 55th Committee remains today. When I look at the website of the Society, I still see similar teams, carrying out similar projects on a similar scale! I am proud that my committee laid the groundwork and I can only see greater heights reached for the future batches.


What challenges did you face while working on it and what motivated you to keep going?

One of the challenges I faced was managing morale. I was by far no where near a good leader. I remember sending one of my Assistant Vice Presidents a long and harsh text, which to be honest, I forgot the reason for. However, my peers in the committee are understanding and gave me a chance - I am proud to say that I am really good friends with that AVP today :)


Are there any other projects you have worked/are working on?

Since I stepped down from the society, I have in fact stepped up to serve at the national level. I currently serve as the Vice Chairman of the Economic Society of Singapore (ESS) Youth Wing, a position I have held to this day. It has always been a pleasure to help bright and driven Economics students all over Singapore reach their goals, and I am happy to be in a position that can make it happen.


What are your fondest memories of NUS?

My journey in NUS Economics Society started out in Economics Camp (Freshman orientation), and Econs Camp will always be in a special place in my heart. Being a freshman in 2016, and stepping up to be the Project Director in 2017. Whenever I look back at the photos of the camps I attended, nostalgia inevitably fills my soul. I made the best friends during camp and if I could turn back time - I would do it all over again.


What have you been up to since you stepped down as President?

I've been preparing myself to enter the workforce! Since stepping down, I have in the fixed income team at SGX, and am currently interning at the fixed income syndicate team at DBS.

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