Tropical Environmental Change (TEC)

Facilities & Resources

The Department of Geography is housed in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Building (Block 2) at Kent Ridge. The Map Resource Unit and Earth Laboratory are on Level Two. Levels Three and Four, consisting of two wings, makes up the main area of the Department.

Visitors and the University community will be able to enjoy the use of the facilities in a revamped environment.


Earth Laboratory (AS2 02-03/04)
The Earth Laboratory has been designed as a multi-functional room for seminars, tutorials and lectures. In all, it seats 90 comfortably. The room can also be partitioned into two units for smaller classes.

Geo Laboratory (AS2 03-15)
Since there are no separate university departments of geology, soils or hydrology, the physical facilities of the Department include various equipment for teaching and research in the various disciplines of the earth sciences. The GeoLab is well-utilised for the teaching of geology, geomorphology, soils, biogeography, hydrology, meteorology, climatology and other aspects of physical geography, as well as for student and staff research. The laboratory underwent a major renovation in 1999 and is better equipped for hands-on teaching programmes for students and research projects.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Laboratory(AS2 03-13)
The GIS Laboratory is equipped with IBM compatible desktop computers. These include high end PCs and high resolution monitors. Digitisers, scanners, a colour laserjet printer and a LCD projector for multimedia presentation complement the systems. A variety of GIS, remote sensing and other software are available. The laboratory is linked to the mainframe via the University’s computer network, which allows students to work with other systems and softwares. The laboratory is used extensively for tutorials and practical assignments on GIS spatial analyses and satellite image processing.

Map Resource Unit (AS2 02-02)
The Map Resource Unit has about 25,000 maps - including large and small scale topographic series, geological maps as well as a collection of valuable historical maps. The Unit is continuously expanding its collection of topographic sheets on Southeast Asia. It also contains the Department's Geography theses. The maps can be consulted within the Unit by students and the public. The theses may also be borrowed out by Teaching Staff, Honours Students and Graduate Students. The resident librarian, Ms Sakinah Yusof, is on hand to help students and other users. The Map Resource Unit is open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm from Mondays to Fridays.

The Unit also provides printing services for AO size maps at these prices:


External & NUS Community

Geography faculty members

Printing in colour

$50 (inclusive GST)

$25 (inclusive GST)


$10 (inclusive GST)

$5 (inclusive GST)


$60 (inclusive GST)

$30 (inclusive GST)