Tropical Environmental Change (TEC)

Geo Laboratory

The Department of Geography maintains a state-of-the art Earth sciences research laboratory for geo-chemical analyses. Students and Researchers utilize the facility to analyze samples related to geology, geomorphology, soils, biogeography, hydrology, meteorology, climatology etc. Apart from a full-fledged chemical analysis laboratory for sample preparation and analysis, the laboratory houses the following instruments-


Ion Chromatography System:
Dionex ICS 5000 SP
The Ion Chromatograph (IC) is used for analyzing aqueous samples for anions such as fluorides, chlorides, bromides, sulfates, phosphates, nitrates, and nitrites. The system can handle soil and water samples with concentration of anions between the range of 0.5 ppm to 150 ppm with any pretreatment.

Carbon Analyzer
Elementar vario TOC cube
The Carbon Analyzer can analyze both Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) for solid and liquid samples. The state-of-the-art system allow users to utilize very little amount (~mg) of a sample for complete analysis.

Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES)
PerkinElmer Optima 8300

ICP-OES is a very powerful elemental analysis technique to quantify cations and anions present in a liquid samples. The instrument can analyze elements present in ppm, however it is not suitable for analyzing different isotopes.

Particle Size Analyzer
Malvern Hydro 2000S
Working on scattering of laser, the particle size analyzer can analyze particle size distribution from particles within nanometer to 2 mm size range. Both liquid and solid samples can be analyzed using the instrument.

Microwave Digester
Milestone START D
The microwave digester is used for high temperature acid-digestion of solid samples.

The laboratory also houses a ultrasonicator, centrifuge machine, deionized water generator, distilled water generator, ball mill, Loss on Ignition (LOI) oven, pH probes etc.

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