Politics, Economies And Space (PEAS)


The Politics, Economies and Space (PEAS) research group currently comprises 9 faculty and postdocs and 9 graduate students. There are a diverse range of interests amongst the group, but two overlapping strands of research focus are shared amongst many PEAS members. These are economic geographies; especially global production networks, development narratives and geographies of finance and geopolitics; especially concerned with border and critical security studies.

PEAS capitalizes on our location at the heart of Southeast Asia in terms of research sites and opportunities; in turn however, we contribute to broader conceptual and theoretical agendas in economic and political geography and allied fields.

Members of PEAS are keen to recruit graduate students. For further details, please contact the chair of PEAS (Henry Yeung) or one or more of the other faculty members. Please also consult the Department of Geography’s Graduate Studies webpages.


Academic staff

Research Projects

Global production networks:

  • GPN@NUS (http://gpn.nus.edu.sg/), 2014-2018 (Co-PIs: Henry Yeung & Neil Coe; Godfrey Yeung, NUS & Karen Lai, Durham University)
  • Technology Intensity of Industrial Production and Its Comparative Regional Dynamics in the U.S. and China: What Have Been Offshoring and/or Reshoring since the1990s, 2013-2017 (Godfrey Yeung, NUS)
  • Multi-stakeholder initiatives in the cotton value chains of South Asia, Danish Social Science Research Council (PI: Peter Lund-Thomsen, Neil Coe, NUS)
  • The variegated impacts of transnational retailing in Southeast Asia.(Neil Coe, NUS)
  • Asian Firms in The Global Economy (Henry Yeung, NUS; Jang-sup Shin, NUS; Yong-Sook Lee, Korea University; funded by the NUS URC Grant)
  • Economic Inter-dependence and Comparative Regional Dynamics in Developed and Developing Economies: Trade and Regional Trajectories in China and the European Union (Godfrey Yeung, NUS; Mick Dunford, University of Sussex; Adam Swain, University of Nottingham; Weidong Liu, IGSNRR, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Geographies of development:


  • ‘Observing’ the Arctic: Asian States and the Geopolitics of Involvement in the Arctic Council, 2016-2019
    (Klaus Dodds, RHUL; Woon Chih Yuan, NUS)
  • ‘Rising Asia’ and the (Re)making of Arctic Geopolitics, 2015-2018 (Woon Chih Yuan, NUS; Jesse Hastings, NUS)
  • Rethinking China's Geopolitical Positioning: Power, Identities and the Variegated Expressions of Sovereignty (Woon Chih Yuan, NUS)
  • Contested Space and Resources in the Tonle Sap (Great Lake) of Cambodia (Carl Grundy-Warr, NUS; Mak Sithirith, NUS; and Heoun Honey, Fisheries Action Coalition Team, Cambodia)
  • Crucibles of Globalization: landscapes of power, security and everyday lives in post-colonial Asian cities., 2012-2015 (James D Sidaway NUS, Robina Mohammad, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Till Paasche, Soran University)


Visiting Scholars Scheme / Isaac Manasseh Meyer Fellows (IMMF)

Stephanie Barrientos, University of Manchester (Jan to April 2016)

Neil Brenner, Harvard University (19 Jan to 19 May 2015)
James Faulconbridge, University of Lancaster (22 Feb to 3 Mar 2015)

Merje Kuus, University of British Columbia (6 to 16 Oct 2014)

Jim Glassman, University of British Columbia,  (10 to 30 Mar 2012)
Dariusz Wojcik, University of Oxford, (19 Nov to 8 Dec 2012)

Jamie Peck, University of British Columbia (2 Jan to 8 May 2011)

Allen Scott, University of California Los Angeles (31 Jul to 8 Aug 2009)
Eric Sheppard, University of Minnesota (1 Feb to 30 May 2009)

Stuart Elden, University of Durham (7 Sep to 6 Dec 2008)
Nicholas Phelps, University of London (2 to 25 Sep 2008)

Trevor Barnes, University of British Columbia, (1 Sep to 1 Dec 2004)
Neil Coe, University of Manchester, (2 to 27 Aug 2004)

Nigel Thrift, University of Warwick (3 Jan to 31 Mar 2002)

Peter Dicken, University of Manchester (July to December 1997)




Editorial Board

Coe, Neil

  1. Journal of Economic Geography, Editor (2014-present)
  1. European Urban and Regional Studies

Grundy-Warr, Carl

  1. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, Book Review Editor


Sidaway, James

  1. Political Geography, Associate Editor, (2005-present)
  1. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography
  2. The New Zealand geographer
  3. ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies
  4. Asia Pacific Veiwpoint
  5. Geopolitics
Woon Chih Yuan
  1. Co-editor of Ashate's Critical Geopolitics Book Series (2013-present)
  1. Geography Compass, (Political Geography Section)
  2. Environmental and Planning D: Society and Space

Godfrey Yeung

  1. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, Associate Editor (2014 - present)
  1. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography

Yeung, Henry

  1. Economic Geography, Co-editor, (2001-present)
  2. Environment and Planning A, Co-editor, (2001-present)
  3. Review of International Political Economy, Co-editor, (2004-present)
  4. Global Networks, Asia Pacific Editor, (2001-present)
  1. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography (Business Manager)
  2. Area Development and Policy
  3. Journal of International Business Studies
  4. Regional Studies: Regional Science
  5. TRaNS: Trans-Regional and National Studies of Southeast Asia
  6. Journal of Comparative Asian Development
  7. Asian Geographer
  8. Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies
  9. European Journal of Development Research
  10. Dialogues in Human Geography
  11. Chinese Geographical Science
  12. Growth and Change
  13. East Asia: An International Quarterly
  14. Eurasian Geography and Economics
  15. Asia Pacific Viewpoint
  16. Critical Perspectives or International Business
  17. European Urban and Regional Studies
  18. Journal of Economic Geography
  19. Asia Pacific Journal of Management
  20. Journal of Business in Developing Nations
  21. International Journal of Urban Sciences (South Korea)

Graduate Research

PEAS welcomes applications from qualified prospective graduate students, particularly those working in research areas of the PEAS faculty members (see the research projects tab). Those interested in pursuing graduate work in these or allied fields should, in the first instance, contact a potential supervisor. Further details on how apply to Geography at NUS can be found here.

RESEARCH scholarship opportunities
NUS and the Department of Geography offer scholarships for Graduate Research. Details on funding opportunities are available here.

Information about graduate studies in the NUS Geography Department, including the duration and content of the program, can be found at here.