Field Studies

Field Studies takes learning out of the comfy air-conditioned lecture theatre. Lessons take place in glitzy mega malls, dark dilapidated red light districts, misty mountaineous kuo-min-tang legacies, on elephants' backs, amidst enthusiastic aerobic sessions, government ministry offices, non-government organizations, beside border guards wielding loaded assualt rifles, tea plantations and amongst dying dogs in temples centuries old. Study the perpetual smog from the tallest point of Bangkok. Explore the tumultous politics amongst the hill tribes of northern Thailand... These are some of the highlights of the field studies experience.

In this module, students embark research through intense first-hand experiences and interactions, picking up and developing important life skills and relationships along the enriching venture. Below are some some summaries of projects written by students of the 05/06 batch.

Projects in Bangkok

Projects in Northern Thailand

For enquiries regarding our field studies programme, please contact Dr Carl Grundy-Warr.

Thai Language Studies are now an essential component of this module (comprises 2 out of the 8 Modular credits). Thai classes are conducted in NUS before students leave for Thailand. For more information about the Thai Language Studies, visit the website here.