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The NUS Geographical Society is a non-profit organisation dedicated to serving the needs, welfare and aspirations of students of Geography in NUS; in maintaining a strong and close relationship between the student community and faculty at the Department of Geography; and in promoting the discipline of Geography amongst the Singaporean student community. The Society enjoys a long history and tradition of close ties with the Department, extending back to the days of the former University of Singapore. Today, the Geog Soc (pronounced “JEOG-SOCK”), as it is affectionately referred to, still serves as the umbrella body under which students reading Geography can find both academic and social support. This is achieved through the numerous activities organised throughout the year.

The Society's Logo

The logo captures the dynamism and vibrancy of the Society. The sunflower is used as a metonym for the environment, reflecting the essence of geography. The striking stylised image of the sunflower also captures the spirit of geographic concern with human-environment relationships. The outreaching petals of the flower are representative of students’ quest for greater knowledge as well as the Society’s bid to reach out to all students.

The 54th Management Committee!!

Structure of the Society

The Geographical Society is affiliated to the students’ Arts and Social Sciences Club. The Society is also a member of NUSSU Congress of Societies, which aims to increase students’ welfare and improve communication between NUSSU, societies and students. Thus the Society serves to represent the interests of its members.

The Society has approximately 600 members comprising students from all years. A Management Committee that is elected during the Annual General Meeting then organises activities for the members. The office-bearers of the 54th Management Committee for the academic year 2019/2020 are:

GeogSoc advisors: Assoc Prof Chang Tou Chuang and Dr Kamalini Ramdas

From left: Mohamed Ridzuan S/O Abu Bakar (President)
Phyllis Goh Hui Qi ((Chief Financial Officer)
Goh Yi Wei, Luke (Vice President: Events)
Sarah Jane Tan Xin Hui (Vice President: Outreach)

From left: Nicholas Ong Yew Hui (Executive)
Jade Tan Jie Heng (Director)
Sherissa Zi Ye Chua (Executive)

From left: Qystina Darwyshea Bte Herdie Budi Herwanto (Executive)
Sim Xinni, Shermaine (Director)
Eliza Dawn Gatus Victorio (Executive)

From left: Muhammad Khairul Fikri Bin Shaharuddin (Executive)
Tan Li Yao (Director)
Janice Sim Xinyi (Executive)

From left: Yee Shuan, Sherilyn (Freshmen Orientation Camp)
Ng Xi Min (Geography Challenge)

From left: Qi Ting, Joei Ow (Director)
Chan Jia Hui (Executive)

From left: Sayori Bose (Executive)
Rui Ting Goh (Director)

Major's Welfare Events

(1) Academic welfare

Geography Welcome Tea:

This event is usually held in early August right after the first GE1101E lecture and is targeted at potential Geography majors. Welcome Tea allows first year students to clarify doubts with regards to the Geography curriculum, modules offered and administrative affairs. Welcome Tea begins with an opening address by the Head of Department, followed by a short presentation by Geogsoc. The event will be followed by a Tea/Coffee session, which allows freshmen to interact with seniors and professors in the department.

Majors Tea:

This event is for all Geography majors and will be held in semester two of every academic year. The first half of the event begins with an address by the Head of Department, followed by a sharing by professors in the department with regards to the curriculum, new module(s) and the honours programme. Thereafter, Geogsoc will make a presentation about their activities for the past academic year as well as update majors about future events. 

The second half of the event starts with a tea/coffee session and this will be a platform for students to interact with professors and raise questions with regards to the curriculum and concerns that they have. Geogsoc Management Committee members will facilitate and take minutes during the discussion, which will then be compiled and sent to the Department.

Majors Tea 2020

Careers Talk & Open House:

This event is held during the recess week of semester two of the academic year and is targeted at Geography Majors and Junior College students. Outstanding student assignments, photos of various Geogsoc activities and equipment used by Geographers will be put on display. Modules offered by the department will be presented briefly. A faculty tour will also be conducted for Junior College students to explore the campus.

Careers Talk is held right after the Open House, which involves Geography Alumni speaking about the relevance of Geography in their respective fields of work. After the talk, refreshments will be provided and attendees are free to interact with students, professors as well as the guest speakers.

(2) Outings

This is an initiative by the society to connect with Geography majors. The venues of the outings are planned with a geographical approach. Outings are mostly scheduled on weekends to cater to the timetable of the majors. Till date, Geogsoc Majors’ Welfare Cell organized various interesting outings to places such as River Safari, Kampong Glam, Changi Aviation Centre, Islands around Singapore, Neil Road and the list goes on!

Other Activites

FASS Open House:

This event is targeted at prospective students interested in entering FASS and majoring in Geography. A booth will be set up which allows faculty members, staff, GeogSoc members and Geography majors to promote and help prospective students understand and learn more about the NUS Geography Department, FASS programmes and the university curriculum.

Freshmen Immersion Camp (FIC):

At the start of every academic year, Geogsoc organises a camp to introduce freshmen to the rigors of university life and provide opportunities for freshmen to interact with one another. Through FIC, Geogsoc also aims to attract freshmen who are interested in positions in the Society’s Management Committee.

Participation at the FIC is open to all freshmen regardless of faculty or subject concentration. During the camp, freshmen take part in many fun and exciting activities that seeks to bond and build close friendships between participants. Through the FIC camp, first-year students will find the transition to university life to be a smoother and easier journey.

This is definitely one event that all freshmen should join!

Annual Sports Day :

At the start of the second semester, Geogsoc will organise a game for all Geography majors and department to participate in! This event aims to get all majors together for a bonding session just before the work starts pouring in!

Dinner and Dance :

The NUS Geography Department's Dinner and Dance is a triennial event hosted by the Geogsoc and aims to foster strong ties among the faculty, alumni and undergraduates from the Geography Department. D&D also serves to mark the official handing-over of the outgoing Management Committee of Geogsoc to the incoming one for the academic year.

Nostalgia 1929: Geography@90” was the theme for Dinner and Dance AY2018/2019 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of NUS Geography! 

Geography Challenge :

The NUS Geography Challenge is an annual event that is organised by the Geogsoc, the NUS Geography Department and MOE. It aims to ignite the passion of secondary school students to engage geography in their everyday lives through interactive components that involve both academic and non-academic elements to stimulate their creativity.

“Singapore: The Journey of a Global City” was the theme for Geography Challenge 2019!


The Society’s annual publication, Geosphere, features contributions by students, professors and alumni of Geography. With this publication, the Society aspires to cater to the geographical interests of its members, as well as Geography teachers and students in junior colleges and secondary schools. 

Have a passion for all things geographical? Excited to share your passion and turn it into writing/design? Look no further! Geosphere welcomes you to contribute! Drop us a line at for more information!

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