About the Joint Bachelor of Arts Program

This degree program is designed to offer students an enhanced undergraduate education. It is a jointly taught and assessed Bachelor of Arts degree conferring a doubly validated qualification. It combines the strengths of both curricula and allows integrating international experience fully into a student's course of study. This program is not a SEP because it includes grade and credit transfer. NUS students will get a Bachelor of Arts with Honors by both UNC and NUS (if NUS requirements fulfilled).

FASS students who successfully complete Honors requirements in this program will be awarded Bachelor of Arts with Honors by both institutions.

The joint degree will be a common and distinctive program, different from the degrees in either of the two universities. It will combine the broad, structured General Education component of the UNC-CH degree, with the extended, in-depth study of the major at NUS.

Students will stay at the host institution for 2 semesters. The period at the host university occurs in Year 2 (semesters 3 and 4). This is to allow students to benefit from UNC-CH's general education offerings.

Unlike SEP, students will transfer grades as well as credit. Grades will be converted using an agreed and equitable scale. Modules and grades may be used towards any part of the student's program of study, including electives, major, minor and general education requirements.

This programme is available to FASS students majoring in Economics, English Literature, Geography, History, Political Science and Global Studies.


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