Beyond FASS


NUS, being a comprehensive university, offers a wide range of possibilities beyond FASS. The undergraduate curriculum is structured to enable FASS students to acquire breadth by reading modules from other NUS faculties and schools. Graduate students can also read some modules from other NUS departments that complement their area of specialization.

Cross Faculty Minors

Besides minors offered by FASS, student can also register for cross faculty minors offered by other NUS faculties and schools. The modules read for these minors can be accommodated within the FASS curriculum structure and will be recorded in the transcript. Some minors are open while others are restricted where students are enrolled on a competitive basis. For more information on the various minors available, please visit the individual Faculty or School’s website.

Double Degree

A Double Degree consists of a combination of two separate degrees from two discipline areas in two different Faculties. Students can choose to devise their own Double Degree Programmes (DDPs) or enrol in one of the specially customised DDPs that have been developed.

Specially customised DDPs available:

  • Economics and Law
  • Engineering and Economics
  • Communications & New Media and Business / Accountancy
    Economics and Business / Accountancy

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Double Major

Double majors are conceived as an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge and capacitites with a significant degree of depth by pursuing a second second major alongside their primary major.

FASS together with the Faculty of Science offer direct admission for the following structured double major programmes for suitably qualified FASS students:

  • Economics and Mathematics
  • Economics and Statistics
  • Psychology and Life Sciences

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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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