NUS will freeze tuition fee increases for Singapore Citizens enrolled in government-subsidised postgraduate programmes in AY2020. This will help mitigate the impact of costs to Singaporean households during these challenging times. Postgraduate tuition fees follow a fee schedule that is set at the year of admission, with pre-planned annual increases over the course duration. With the freeze in tuition fee increases, Singaporean postgraduate students from the AY2020/21 intake will pay the AY2019 fees in their first year of study. The fee schedule for the remaining course duration will be reviewed before the start of AY2021. The freeze in tuition fee increases for AY2020 does not apply to fees payable by Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) and international students (IS).

The tuition fee for students admitted in AY2020/2021:

Year of Admission

Per annum amount

Fees payable by students eligible for MOE subsidy

Non-Subsidised Fees1,4,5
(inclusive of GST)

Singapore Citizens1,2 Singapore Permanent Residents1,2

International Students with Service Obligation1,3,6 / Graduate Assistantship Programme
(inclusive of GST)

in AY2020/2021 S$9,500 S$14,000 S$21,400 S$38,750



All fees quoted here are in Singapore Dollars (S$). Tuition fees are reviewed yearly and thus, subject to revision. 

(a) The tuition fee schedule for the remaining course duration for SC will be reviewed before the start of AY2021.

(b) Tuition fees for SPR & IS will be increased by 1.5% per year, for the remaining course duration, capped at the dollar increase in AY2020.

The tuition fees for both full-time and part-time candidates are the same. Fees are subject to change at any time. A late fee may be imposed for fees which are not fully paid by the due date indicated in the bill each semester.

Students who are full-time staff members may apply for the staff concession on the tuition fees of government subsidised graduate programmes. Information on the staff concession is available at the NUS Staff Portal.


For Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Resident students, the fees amounts quoted here are subsidised by the Singapore government (through the Ministry of Education, MOE) and are exclusive of prevailing GST. The applicable GST is subsidised by the MOE for these students

All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website (www.skillsfuture.sg/credit) to choose from the courses available on the SkillsFuture Credit course directory. You should submit your claim via MySkillsFuture within 60 days before the course start date (date inclusive). SSG will disburse the equivalent amount to NUS. 

Singapore citizens who wish to make use of the funds in their own or their siblings’ Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA) to pay for their NUS tuition fees (inclusive of MSF) must complete the PSEA Standing Order Form. The form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office during registration. The PSEA can also be used to pay for the MSF only and enrichment programmes that are approved and endorsed by the University. 


The prevailing GST (currently 7%) on the fees payable will be borne by International Students. The tuition fees quoted here are inclusive of the prevailing GST.


Students who are not in receipt of MOE Subsidy will have to pay the non-subsidised fee amounts as quoted here (which are inclusive of the prevailing GST).


Students who have previously enjoyed government subsidy or sponsorship by a Singapore government agency (such as scholarships offered by the Ministries, Public Service Commission and Statutory Boards) in a graduate programme will not be eligible for MOE subsidy in another graduate programme at the same or lower level. For example, students who had previously enjoyed subsidy/scholarship in a Masters programme and had attained the Masters degree will not be eligible for subsidy in another programme at Masters or lower level. In addition, if they wish to upgrade and enroll in a graduate programme that has a combination of Masters and PhD candidature, they will not be eligible to enjoy subsidy/scholarship during the Masters candidature.  For more details, please refer to the Eligibility Guidelines for MOE Subsidy .

Students who are not eligible for MOE subsidy are also ineligible for some scholarships. For example, the President’s Graduate Fellowship, NUS Research Scholarship and Tuition Fee Allowance, etc.

Students (all nationality) who did not complete an earlier graduate programme and are now re-admitted to another/same graduate programme within NUS or across Autonomous Universities (refers to NTU, SMU and SUTD) will be eligible for MOE subsidy only up to the maximum course duration for the new course less the number of semesters of government subsidy / scholarship received for the previous course(s).


In some programmes, the University may deem it feasible, based on industry demand, to implement a Service Obligation Scheme for international students. The determination of this feasibility is at the sole discretion of the University.

International Students reading a government-subsidised programme can apply for the Service Obligation (SO) Scheme to pay reduced, subsidised tuition fees.

International Students who have applied successfully for the Scheme will be required to undertake a service bond under the terms of the Service Obligation to work for a Singapore-based company for three years upon completion of their degrees so as to discharge some of their obligations to the Singapore public for the high subsidy to their graduate education. Singapore-based companies refer to local and international companies that have a base in Singapore that is registered with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) as well as companies of such local and international companies registered with ACRA that are based overseas. Please refer to MOE's website for more details.



Other Miscellaneous Student Fees are as follows on a semestral basis: Full-time Part-time
Student Services Fee (SSF) S$165.30 S$115.60
Health Service Fee (HSF) S$68.35 N.A.
Late Payment Charge (if applicable) $25.00

Fees quoted are inclusive of prevailing GST.

All full-time graduate students are required to subscribe to the medical insurance scheme which covers:

  • Personal Accident Insurance Coverage
  • Hospitalisations, Surgical and Mental Health Insurance Scheme
  • Outpatient Specialist Care

Information on this scheme is available at this website.

For NUS scholars, the premium will automatically be deducted from the scholarship stipend on a semestral basis.

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