Publications of the Month 2018




December 2018

Sayaka Chatani

Nation-Empire: Ideology and Rural Youth Mobilization in Japan and Its Colonies

Cornell University Press

in the wake of the mongols 

November 2018

Jinping Wang

In the Wake of the Mongols: The Making of a New Social Order in North China, 1200–1600

Harvard University Press


October 2018

Leher Singh

Developmental Change in Tone Perception in Mandarin Monolingual, English Monolingual, and Mandarin–English Bilingual Infants: Divergences Between Monolingual and Bilingual Learners

Journal of Experimental Child Psychology

 hamka and islam


September 2018

Khairudin Aljunied

Hamka and Islam: Cosmopolitan Reform in the Malay World

Cornell University Press


August 2018

Pierre Taillardat, Pim Willemsen, Cyril Marchand, Daniel A. Friess, David Widory, Paul Baudron, Van Vinh Truong, Thanh-Nho Nguyễn, & Alan D. Ziegler

Assessing the Contribution of Porewater Discharge in Carbon Export and CO2 Evasion in a Mangrove Tidal Creek (Can Gio, Vietnam)

Journal of Hydrology



July 2018

Ho Swee Lin

Friendship and Work Culture of Women Managers in Japan: Tokyo After Ten






‘Shophouses and Skyscrapers’ from SRN’s SG Photobank 

June 2018

Karen Lai and Fenghua Pan

"Brexit and shifting geographies of financial centres in Asia".


poetry and islands 

May 2018

Poetry and Islands: Materiality and the Creative Imagination

Rajeev Patke

Rowman & Littlefield


April 2018

Family and Population Change in Singapore: A unique case in the global family change

Wei-Jun Jean Yeung and Shu Hu (Eds.)


political communication and mobilisation


March 2018

Political Communication and Mobilisation: The Hindi Media in India

Taberez A. Neyazi

Cambridge University Press

 Protestant Christianity in the Indian Diaspora


February 2018

Protestant Christianity in the Indian Diaspora: Abjected Identities, Evangelical Relations, and Pentecostal Visions

Robbie B. H. Goh

SUNY Press



Middle School Group Credit: Donna Cleveland, flickr

Photo: Donna Cleveland, flickr


January 2018

Morita Emi & Takagi Tomoyo

"Marking “commitment to undertaking of the task at hand”: Initiating responses with eeto in Japanese conversation".




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