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1 October 2015

Seminar on "Thailand’s International Meditation Centers: Translating and Embodying Buddhism"

23 MARCH 2015

Seminar on "Art and the Making of the Artist in the Malay World: Navigating the Sacred and the Profane"

16 MARCH 2015

Lecture on "Islam and the Constitution in Malaysia"

15 DECEMBER 2014

Workshop on "The Sacred and the Urban: Confluences and Conflicts of Aspirations"

11 NOVEMBER 2014

Roundtable on "Comparative Syariah Interpretation and Practice in Family and Gender Issues: Perspectives from Indonesia and the Region"


Workshop on "Religion and Popular Culture: Contemporary Transformations of Classical Traditions"

12 AUGUST 2014

Seminar on "The Western Frame of Secularization Narratives"

6 JUNE 2014

Roundtable Discussion on "Religion and Minorities in Thailand and Tibet"

30 MAY 2014

Bringing the Gospel Revolution from Singapore to America – A Case of “Reverse Mission”? by Dr. Katja Rakow (Heidelberg University)

1 APRIL 2014

Seminar on "The role of the Po Gru and the Po Pasaih in Cham society of Vietnam: Preservation of Cham religion, culture and historical memory"

17 MARCH 2014

"A History of Religion in 5 1/2 Objects" by A/P Brent Plate (Hamilton College)

14-15 MARCH 2014

Workshop on "Material Religion, Film, and Video in Asia"

For programme, abstracts, and speaker bios, please click here for the e-handout.

27 FEBRUARY 2014

Exhibiting Islam in the Malay World 2014

For seminar programme, abstracts, and speaker bios, please click here.

Buddhism in Asia 2013

An interdisciplinary group of budding visual anthropologists from USP’s student-led ‘Buddhism in Asia’ program traveled to Lao PDR in December 2013 with the Department of Sociology lecturer Charles Carroll.  The trip coincided with a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime procession of the sacred golden Buddha statue in the World Heritage site of Luang Prabang.  International news crews from around the globe gathered in the city to document the event, and thanks to the technical support of CIT’s UTown unit, our students were equally well equipped.  A friendly crew from Thai PBS created the short production below that reports on our students’ learning journey.

Link to video (in Thai) here.

Graduate Student Seminar on "Space, Cultural Agency, and Political Power in Chinese Religions"

10 OCTOBER 2013
Malay Arts and Islam Seminar 2013 - Moving Nusantara Sounds: Malay Religious Beliefs in Song and Rhythm

26 MARCH 2013
Religion Cluster Open Lunch Meeting

21 - 22 FEBRUARY 2013
Orders and Itineraries: Buddhist, Islamic, and Christian Networks in Southern Asia, c.900-1900

31 JAN - 1 FEB 2013
Replaying the Past: Performance of Hindu Textual Heritage in India and Bali

15 OCTOBER 2012
Seminar on Religious devotion and struggle for social justice in South India: Case of Tamil Textual Traditions and Social Movements of Kerala

4 OCTOBER 2012
Malay Arts and Islam Seminar 2012: Rituals and Performances - Culture and Contestation

27 JULY 2012
'Gender Pluralism: Muslim Southeast Asia Since Early Modern Times' with Prof. Michael Peletz

Religion Cluster Seminar on Jainism by Dr Gyanchand Jain

Religion Cluster Graduate Student Workshop: Religion, Culture, and Representation

27 OCTOBER 2011
Malay Arts and Islam Seminar 2011: Malay Horror Films Then and Now - The Pontianak and National Anxieties (Presentation and Panel Discussion)

25 OCTOBER 2011
Impact of Buddhism on Chinese Popular Literature

13 & 20 OCTOBER 2011
Malay Arts and Islam Seminar 2011: Malay Horror Films Then and Now - The Pontianak and National Anxieties (Film Screenings)

7 OCTOBER 2011
Identity & Citizenship: For Comparative Studies of Muslim Societies


Talk on Three Big Bangs: Matter-Energy, Life, Mind

19 MAY 2011
Talk on Contemporary Muslim Thought & the Study of Religions

5-6 MAY 2011
Workshop on Placing Religious Pluralism in Asian Global Cities

15 APRIL 2011

RCGI Brown Bag Session on "Sociology and Anthropology of Islam - Providing a Preliminary Sketch"

30 MARCH 2011
Identity and Veiling in Contemporary Malaysia and Singapore: A panel discussion with film screening of Aku Siapa (Who am I)

15 MARCH 2011
RCGI Brown Bag Session on "Engaging the Fieldwork and the Archive : The Interaction of History and Anthropology in Studying Religion "

About Us

Religious beliefs and cultural norms form one of the most fundamental motivations in human life influencing, directly or indirectly, the vast majority of our thoughts and actions and people often express their deepest values in forms of religious symbolic behaviour. The Religion research cluster in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore focuses on the investigation and analysis of the roles of religion and culture in society as well as in the lives of individuals. This includes textual traditions (as well as ancient languages), art and artefacts, oral traditions, rituals, psychological factors, social movements, and religious personalities from different geographical areas and historical periods, both ancient and modern. This cluster explores various religious traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism in South East Asia in their cultural contexts, and the phenomenon of pluralism, syncretism and hybridization and the nature of religious experience and ritual in the diaspora. In the study of religion and culture, this cluster stands at the crossroads of history and philosophy, sociology and anthropology, linguistics and art as all these disciplines come into play in seeking an understanding of religion. While the primary emphasis is on Asian and Polynesian religious traditions, our cluster members are experts in Eastern, Western, and Pacific religions. Their specialties include textual study, historical development, mysticism, ritual, and contemporary fieldwork studies. By engaging in the analysis of cross-cultural religious phenomena, the religion and multiculturalism cluster fosters an understanding and appreciation of people whose beliefs and practices are divergent and explores the pervasiveness of religious rituals and cultural norms across boundaries.

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